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3rd Grade Female Aardvark
3rd Grade Female Aardvark 6
Grade 3
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Red
Complexion Cream
Cartoon debut "Friday the 13th"

3rd Grade Female Aardvark is an unnamed third grader who attends school at Mighty Mountain and is usually seen when Lakewood is playing against Mighty Mountain.

She was part of the kids that were seen watching all the drama take place after Binky pulled the fire alarm in "April 9th."

She made another appearance in the episode "Home Sweet Home" where she was part of the group of students that were listening to Buster's story that was sent by Buster's friend Fritz.

Physical appearance[]

3rd Grade Female Aardvark is an aardvark with a cream complexion and reddish-orange hair in a bob cut similar to D.W.'s. In the episode "April 9th" she is wearing an olive green shirt, which was all that was seen. In the episode "Home Sweet Home" she is wearing a striped light blue-and-pink-colored shirt, turquoise shorts, and white socks. She has been seen wearing her Mighty Mountain Soccer Team uniform. In "Nicked by a Name" she has a brown complexion.