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"3rd Grade Female Cat (Number 2)" is not an official name.
3rd Grade Female Cat
3rd Grade Female Cat 2.JPG
Grade 3rd

4th "First Day"

Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Brown
Complexion Tan
Residence Elwood City
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"

The 3rd Grade Female Cat is a student in Miss Sweetwater's third grade class, and later, Mrs. Grimslid's fourth grade class. She makes her first appearance in "Arthur's Eyes". She has spoken numerous times in a number of episodes.

In "Arthur's First Day", her name is revealed to either be Edith Bycenko or Cindy Charlebois.

Her first speaking role is in "Arthur's Spelling Trubble" where she misspells a word during the spelling bee. She speaks again in "Arthur Bounces Back" where she and a few other girls saw Arthur's kissing booth.

In "Vomitrocious," she is one of the kids who make fun of George over his bloody nose. Despite that, she gets along with the other kids.


The 3rd Grade Female Cat is a cat with a tan complexion. She wears a white collared blouse, a pinkish-red skirt with front pockets, a tan belt with a yellow belt buckle, long pink socks, and brown shoes. She also has short dark brownish-red hair in the form of a bowl haircut.


Her personality is not known, since she is a background character, but she appears to be nice to other kids.

She is probably a good speller, having made it to the school Spell-a-Thon. She plays the piccolo in the Lakewood Elementary Band, and was part of the ventriloquism craze George started with her moose puppet.



  • This character has spoken more than any other background character.
  • This character is in Miss Sweetwater's class.
  • Strangely this character has a bowl cut, which is an unusual hairstyle for girls as boys are more likely to have that type of hairstyle.
  • In "Arthur's First Day", her name is revealed to either be Edith Bycenko or Cindy Charlebois, by process of elimination. Which ever name is not hers belongs to 3rd Grade Female Aardvark. At this time, there is not enough information to officially designate the names to one character or the other.


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