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3rd Grade Male Aardvark
Muffy's Soccer Shocker 11
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Blond
Complexion Cream
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Dummy Disaster"

3rd Grade Male Aardvark is an unnamed student of Mighty Mountain Elementary School.

It was shown in the episode "April 9th" that he might be a bully. In the episode, he and his friends cornered George and were about to steal something from him until they were stopped by Binky who said only he can bully George.

The only time he spoke was in the episode "The Great MacGrady" where he successfully made a goal and said his only line in the series "Yeah!"

It is possible that he made a cameo in the crowd of Los Dedos supporters in "Brain's Chess Mess".

He also appears to be friends with Sam Scarborough and was seen with him in the episode April 9 along with another unnamed third grader.

Physical appearance[]

3rd Grade Male Aardvark is an aardvark with a cream complexion who wears a green shirt with long sleeves, long black jeans, and black and white sneakers, which he was seen wearing in the episode April 9.

He has blond hair. In most of his appearances he is seen wearing his sports uniform although April 9 was the exception.

It is possible that he (or, at least, his backside) appeared in "Brain's Chess Mess" next to 3rd Grade Female Bear (Number 3). In this episode, he wore an orange shirt with a dark orange collar and sleeves, along with black pants and grey sneakers.