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3rd Grade Male Dog
3rd Grade Male Dog 1
Grade 3rd
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Complexion Brown
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"

3rd Grade Male Dog is an unnamed third grader who made his debut in the episode "Arthur's Eyes". In the episode he was seen at lunch along with several other characters including the main characters themselves.

He is seen in the background of the episodes, but has been heard speaking in a few episodes such as "Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble".

He is also seen in "A is for Angry" carrying a camera and filming the chess match between Arthur and Brain. He may have some interest in videography.

Physical appearance[]

3rd Grade Male Dog is a brown dog that wears a tan sweater, a yellow shirt underneath his sweater, long blue jeans, and orange and white colored sneakers. In "Germophobia" he wears tanned swimming trunks.


Not much is known about his personality, as he is a background character and does not speak much, but he appears to be friendly and hangs out with the other kids.

He plays the tuba in the Lakewood Elementary Band, and may have some interest in videography since he was seen filming the chess match between Arthur and Brain in "A" is for Angry. However, Muffy may have forced him to do the latter.



  • The two watched clouds together.


  • He attended his pool party.



  • This character is in Miss Sweetwater's class.
  • In Elwood City Turns 100!, he is seen reading in the background in the library, but Buster and Brain scare him off when they are arguing about the play whether the audience wanted fantasy or accuracy.
  • He is one of the few characters that has dots for eyes.


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