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3rd Grade Male Dog (Number 3)
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Character Modelsheets and Storyboards

Character Storyboard and Concepts.JPG


Alternate apparel

Pool 2.JPG
Vomitrocious 39.JPG
3rd Grade Male Dog's Backpack 1.JPG
Camp Activities.JPG

Other Images

3rd Grade Male Dog 3.JPG
The Hallway 2.jpg
The Hallway C.JPG
Arthur Rides the Bandwagon 30.jpg
4th Grade Friends 17.JPG
D.W.'s Joke 1.JPG
D.W.'s Joke 2.JPG
3rd Grade Friends 2.JPG
3rd Grade Friends 10.JPG
Swim Meet 1.JPG
Real Mister Ratburn, 3rd Grade Male Dog, Kids Cheering.png
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