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"4th Grade Female Aardvark" is not an official name.
4th Grade Female Aardvark
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Dark Brown
Cartoon debut Arthur Goes to Camp

4th Grade Female Aardvark is an unnamed fourth grader who made her first debut in the episode "Arthur Goes to Camp".

In the episode she was at Camp Horsewater who competed against Camp Meadowcroak in a scavenger hunt. Horsewater would go on to subsequently lose to Meadowcroak.

She is a member of the Tough Customers as seen in a few episodes, which means that she most likely bullies other kids. Despite being a member of the Tough Customers, she has notably made fewer appearances throughout the series then any other member of the group.

She is mostly seen in the background in either the cafeteria or in any other area of the school.


4th Grade Female Aardvark is an aardvark with a brown complexion. She wears a white shirt, long purple jeans, and brown shoes.

She also has short dark brown hair. In the episode Arthur Goes to Camp she wore the Camp Horsewater shirt and also wore a pink dress that was covered by the shirt.


  • This character has appeared the least amount of times compared to other members of the Tough Customers.
  • She last appeared in the episode "Fifteen".
  • Due to her brief appearances in the series she has never spoken.

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