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"4th Grade Female Aardvark (Number 2)" is not an official name.
4th Grade Female Aardvark
4th Grade Female Aardvark 2
Grade 4
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Brown
Complexion Windsor tan
Cartoon debut "Love Notes for Muffy"

4th Grade Female Aardvark is an unnamed fourth grader who made her first appearance in the episode "Love Notes for Muffy." In the episode, she is one of the judges along with Steve and Prunella at the Science Fair.

She did speak in the episode after she sampled snacks displayed by Muffy. She appears to be friends with both Prunella and Steve as shown in the same episode. She has not reappeared.


4th Grade Female Aardvark is an aardvark with a Windsor tan complexion. She wore a green shirt with a darker shade of green on the sleeves, long blue pants, and brown shoes. She has brown hair.