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"4th Grade Male Dog" is not an official name.
4th Grade Male Dog
4th Grade Male Dog 1
Grade 4th
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Cartoon debut D.W. All Wet

4th Grade Male Dog is a nameless fourth grader who debuted in the episode "D.W. All Wet." In the episode, he was seen at the beach with his friends.

He appears in various places at various times and is often seen with some members of the Tough Customers, who he hangs out with. He spoke in two episodes in the series (so far) - "Arthur Goes to Camp" and "Arthur's Big Hit."

How he came to know Binky or other members of the Tough Customers is a complete mystery since in the episode "Arthur Goes to Camp," he was completely against Binky and was never seen hanging out with him until the episode "Arthur Writes a Story."

As for his personality, he was portrayed as a bully throughout most of his appearances. His family has never been shown in the series. He made his last regular appearances for a while in Season 13, then made brief cameo appearances in episodes such as "Based on a True Story" and "Truth or Poll".


4th Grade Male Dog is a dog with a brown complexion. He wears dark gray jeans, an orange shirt, and has a dog collar armband on his wrist. He wears blue and white colored high tops.

In Arthur Goes to Camp, he wore the same clothes except he had a black Camp Horsewater shirt with a red "H" on it. In the same episode he wore white armbands on both of his wrists instead of the black ones he has been seen wearing throughout his appearances in the show.



  • This character, just like the rest of the Tough Customers, is afraid of Binky.
  • He is good at catching frogs.
  • He plays the cello in the school band (though it may appear to be a double bass due to its size in comparison to him, it is supported by a spike at the bottom and is therefore a cello).


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