5,000 Explosions and a Supernova
5000 explosions
Type Movie
Administrator Cinemas Mill Creek Mall 8
First appearance Muffy's New Best Friend
Last appearance Ungifted

5,000 Explosions and a Supernova is a movie.

Binky wanted to see it. According to Muffy, who heard it from Francine, the movie is "too talky", so they didn't watch it. "Muffy's New Best Friend"

Arthur and Buster went to go see it, but would not let D.W. go with them. "Prove It"

This movie was playing around Christmas-time. "Arthur's Perfect Christmas"

When Dark Bunny vs. the Cisco Squid was playing in theaters, this movie was still playing as well. "Ungifted"





  • In the closed captions, the movie's title is spelled with a comma in the 5000,[1][2] while visually the poster does not have one.


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