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Arthur Outdoors Week

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ARTHUR Outdoors Week[2][3][4] (or Spring Fever Week[5]) was a week-long PBS Kids event for the week of April 21 to April 25, 2014. Five "outdoor-themed episodes" were aired, the first two of which were brand new for North American audiences.[6]

Episodes aired

Date Episode
4/21 "Speak Up, Francine! / Waiting for Snow" (17-6)
4/22 "Pets and Pests / Go Fly a Kite" (17-7)
4/23 "Prunella the Packrat / What's in a Name?" (15-7)
4/24 "The Cherry Tree / Matchmaker, Match Breaker" (12-6)
4/25 "Follow the Bouncing Ball / Buster Baxter & the Letter from the Sea" (14-6)


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