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As an Easter egg for season 10, every episode included the number '10' hidden in various locations.[1] All Season 10 episodes have a marked circular 10 icon on the episode title card.

While the season was airing, viewers could go to the PBS Arthur website to participate in a related contest: "Arthur's Crazy 10's Scavenger Hunt". (archived page) Kids who successfully located at least ten 10s, as indicated on the downloadable tally form, could submit a completed form to producing station WGBH to be entered in a prize drawing. Three winners received a home phone answering machine message recorded by Buster (Daniel Brochu). Although the contest entry form refers to thirty-seven possible hidden 10s, there are many more visual instances and other references to the number 10 throughout the season, as listed below.

Happy Anniversary

  • Jane and David Read are celebrating their tenth anniversary.
  • The name of the Ten Spot Diner.
  • The jukebox costs a dime (10 cents) to operate.
  • The Bionic Bunny show is airing a 10th anniversary special where Bionic Bunny meets Dark Bunny.
  • Arthur says he is going to dress up as a character from episode 410.
  • The Reads' get stranded on Country Route 10.
  • The Tibbles mistake the word "tin" for "ten."
  • In the middle, Buster reads 10 top reasons why Arthur (the TV show) is good to watch.
  • When the story begins from the radio one of the signs says ten oaks.
  • On the toy sailboat in the Tibbles' pool, which relates to a tugboat Ten Cents from Tugs.
  • The Tibbles want 10 dollars for the toy soldier.
  • Arthur imagines himself being shrunken 10 times.
  • On the Sandwich Mobile flag in Arthur's dream.
  • David says that they have everything packed and that they have 10 minutes to spare.
  • The Sampo pineapples have a 100%  percent sign on the can.
  • On the radio while listening to the Western story, the antagonists say that if they are seen, it will cost them 10%.
  • The name Jay starts with and sounds like the letter J. J is the 10th letter of the alphabet.
  • In the opening, the class is watching a video where the camera zooms out each time by 10.

The Squirrels

  • One of the kid videos is "Silly Squirrels Count to 10".

Fern & Persimmony Glitchet

  • On top of Fern's door when she looks in the mailbox.
  • When Fern asks Ms. Turner how many long more it will take until the next book comes out, the answer is ten weeks.
  • On the helicopter which Max Wheeler jumps out of, there is the code 'N10B'.

Desert Island Dish

  • Arthur would bring 10 hard boiled eggs on a desert island.
  • On the June calendar.

The Secret About Secrets

  • D.W. complains to Nadine that Arthur kept his tenth secret from her.
  • While playing hopscotch, D.W. and Emily jump on the number 10.
  • When Grandma Thora was 10, she found a way to keep secrets.

Feeling Flush

  • Francine reads the apartment room water meter: B-10.
  • There's a 10 on one of the wooden doors in the apartment basement.
  • The apartment building would have to replace 110 toilets.
  • The Reads used 10,500 liters of water.
  • Francine only has 10 days left of carrying Arthur's backpack.
  • Mr. Sanders would save over 25 million liters of water in 10 years.

Family Fortune

  • The man who owns the $30,000 chair bought it for $10.

D.W. Aims High

  • D.W. can count to 10.
  • D.W. told Nadine to set the gigatron to 10.
  • On the spacecraft.
  • There's a 10 on D.W.'s and Nadine's spacesuit when they imagine themselves landing on Mars.

Flaw and Order

  • They were at Arthur's house at both 4:10 and 6:10 PM.
  • A 10 is on the man hole cover.

The Curse of the Grebes

  • On one of the Grebes banners in the treehouse.
  • On one of Brain's papers.
  • A "Section 10" sign on the wall when Mucky Flint bats.
  • There's a 10 printed on one fan's shirt at the final game.
  • There's a 10 on the scoreboard at the last game.

Arthur Changes Gears

  • On the ghost's shirt.
  • The GX Trailblazer 10,000.


  • On the blimp.
  • On the floor where the blimp took off.
  • On the light lamp on the way to the place where the blimp took off.
  • "93 Million Miles in a Balloon" was checked out 10 years ago.
  • On the Internet, 93,000 Miles in a Balloon costs $1000.

D.W., Bossy Boots

  • On the Boss-O-Meter, D.W. scores around the 10 mark.
  • The Marie Antoinette doll comes with 10 dresses.
  • A 10% sign hangs up inside the toy store at the beginning.

Binky vs. Binky

  • Binky writes that he is 10 years old on the sign-up sheet.
  • Binky wears a vest that has a 10 on it.
  • Binky's soccer jersey also has a 10.
  • Binky's baseball uniform also has a 10.
  • At the pizza restaurant, there is a "2 for 10$" poster on the wall.
  • On a Racing Day billboard.

Operation D.W.

  • On a billboard during the prologue.
  • On Buster's transforming car/boat.
  • On the Brave-O-Meter.
  • Dr. Tinnitus sounds like "Dr. Ten-nitus.
  • On the soda machine.
  • In D.W.'s dream before the operation, the exam room says 10.

Do You Speak George?

  • At the very end of the episode a streak in the dirt is the 1 and the marble arena is a 0.
  • On George's house next to his front door.
  • The Brain says "10" in his language.

World Girls

  • A 10% poster on the wall when Sue Ellen gets in the line.
  • Another 10% poster on the wall in one of the World Girl World exhibits.
  • An Olympics World Girl doll scored a perfect 10.
  • Bailey says they have 10 countries left to visit.
  • On one of the doll assembly machines.

What's Cooking?

  • Ming Tsai cooked the butterfly shrimp in 10 seconds.
  • Arthur sets his alarm clock to 6:10 AM.
  • Sue Ellen tells Ming that if he references to card 10, he'll see what the spoons were used by.

Buster's Special Delivery

  • The mailman's hat had the number 10 on it when Buster speaks to him.
  • The student mail carrier gets to skip 10 minutes of homeroom.
  • Muffy says she is subscribed to 10 magazines.
  • The gym coach tells the students to run 10 laps.

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