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As an Easter egg for season 10, every episode included the number '10' hidden in various locations.[1] All Season 10 episodes have a marked circular 10 icon on the episode title card (U.S. only). This was done to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the series.

While the season was airing, viewers could go to the PBS Arthur website to participate in a related contest: "Arthur's Crazy 10's Scavenger Hunt". (archived page) Kids who successfully located at least ten 10s, as indicated on the downloadable tally form, could submit a completed form to producing station WGBH to be entered in a prize drawing. Three winners received a home phone answering machine message recorded by Buster (Daniel Brochu). Although the contest entry form refers to thirty-seven possible hidden 10s, there are many more visual instances and other references to the number 10 throughout the season, as listed below.

Happy Anniversary

  • In the opening, the class is watching a video where the camera zooms out each time by a factor of 10.
    • It is likely inspired by the film Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames.
      • Per its title, the actual film involves perspectives in powers of ten.
  • Jane and David Read are celebrating their tenth anniversary.
    • Such an occasion is often called a "tin anniversary". The word tin, depending on the accent, could be a homophone of "ten".
      • The Tibbles mistake the word "tin" for "ten".
  • The name of the Ten Spot Diner.
    • Similarly, David misremembers the name as "Tin Spot Diner".
  • The jukebox costs a dime (10 cents) to operate.
    • The dime found on the ground has 10¢ engraved on it.
  • Bionic Bunny is airing a 10th anniversary special where Bionic Bunny meets Dark Bunny.
  • Arthur says he is going to dress up as a character from episode 410.
  • The Reads' get stranded on Country Route 10.
  • In the real-world segment, Buster reads 10 top reasons why Arthur is good to watch.
  • In the visualization of the radio drama, the protagonists encounter a signpost, one pointing to the desert and one pointing to the town of Ten Oaks.
  • On the toy boat in the Tibbles' pool, which depicts the tugboat Ten Cents from Tugs.
    • The boat has the number 10 on its funnel.
  • The Tibbles want 10 dollars for the toy soldier.
  • Arthur imagines himself being shrunken to one-tenth size.
  • The Formaggio Falcon's flag in Arthur's dream has a pennant with the number 10.
  • David says that they have everything packed and that they have 10 minutes to spare.
  • The Sampo pineapples have a 100% percent sign on the can. Briefly, one of the cans is placed in a way so that only the first two digits are shown.
    • 100 is a multiple of 10, which is achieved by multiplying the number by itself, i.e., 10×10.
  • On the radio while listening to the Western story, the antagonists say that if they are caught, they would not be able to give Mayor Mousesizzle 10% of their money from their illegal activities.
  • The name Jay starts with and sounds like the letter J, the 10th letter of the alphabet.
  • Jay says the owner of the diner is Mr. Dieci. Dieci is Italian for ten.
  • The radio narrator is named Dix Decem. Dix and Decem are French and Latin for ten, respectively.

The Squirrels

  • One of the kid videos that are distributed is Silly Squirrel Counts to 10.
    • In both times the show is shown, the light gray squirrel has the number 1 and the dark gray squirrel has the number 0 on it.

Fern & Persimmony Glitchet

  • Fern's house number is 10.
  • The Awful Aquarium is the tenth book in the Horrendously Horrible Happenings series.
    • When Fern asks Ms. Turner how many long more it will take until the next book comes out, the answer is ten weeks.
  • 110 is a door number seen in Lakewood Elementary School.
  • On the plane which Max Wheeler jumps out of, part of the registration number says "N10B".

Desert Island Dish

  • Arthur would bring 10 hard boiled eggs to a desert island.
  • A 10 can be found on a calendar.

The Secret About Secrets

  • D.W. complains to Nadine that Arthur kept his tenth secret from her.
  • While playing hopscotch, D.W. and Emily jump on the number 10.
  • When Grandma Thora was 10 years old, she found a way to keep secrets.

Feeling Flush

  • The water meter for the Frensky apartment is labeled B-10.
  • There's a 10 on one of the wooden doors in the apartment basement.
  • The apartment building would have to replace 110 toilets.
  • The Reads used 10,500 liters of water.
  • Francine only has 10 days left of carrying Arthur's backpack.
  • Mr. Sanders would save over 25 million liters of water in 10 years.

Family Fortune

  • The man who owns the $30,000 chair bought it for $10.
  • A box D.W. finds has 10¢ written on it.

D.W. Aims High

  • A series of four equations shown on a chalkboard in the intro have 10 as the base.
  • The numbers 1 and 0 are placed on the whiteboard at Ms. Morgan's preschool class.
  • When the scene fades from the classroom to the playground, ten kids are present in the initial shot.
  • D.W. can count to 10.
  • D.W. tells Nadine to set the gigatron to 10.
  • There's a 10 on D.W.'s and Nadine's spacesuits when they imagine themselves landing on Mars.
  • The spacecraft has a 10 in front of the hatch.
  • At the Elwood City Science Museum:
    • When the scene fades to the Elwood City Science Museum, ten cars are present before the Reads' car arrives.
    • At an exhibit for the Solar System, ten buttons can be pushed.
  • At the Career Day presentation, ten kids are present.

Flaw and Order

  • They were at Arthur's house at both 4:10 and 6:10 PM.
  • A 10 is on the manhole cover. It also appears on the manhole cover in Brain's drawing.

The Curse of the Grebes

  • A 10 can be seen on one of the Grebes banners in the treehouse.
  • A 10 can briefly be seen on one of Brain's papers he hands to Arthur and Buster.
  • The baseball scoreboards in the episode are designed for ten innings; hence, a 10 is seen in the scoreboards.
  • The stadium has an advertisement for Pat's Sugarless Bakery with the tag "Since 1910".
  • The pitcher who threw the ball that Ray "Woodpecker" Vance hit to win in 1918 has the number 10 as his player number.
  • A "Section 10" sign can be seen on the wall when Mucky Flint bats.
  • The final game:
    • The Grebes are down 10-7, meaning the Kings had ten runs.
    • There's a 10 printed on one fan's shirt at the final game.

Arthur Changes Gears

  • The bike Arthur wants is called the GX Trailblazer 10,000.
  • On the ghost's (Binky's) shirt.


  • In 93 Million Miles in a Balloon:
    • Gustavius Bole's blimp has 10 painted on it.
    • A column on the way to the Boles Factory has a 10 engraved on it.
    • The floor has a 10 painted on it.
  • 93 Million Miles in a Balloon was checked out 10 years ago.
  • On the Internet, a copy of 93 Million Miles in a Balloon for sale costs $1000.
  • The 93 Million Miles in a Balloon musical is being performed at Stage 10.

D.W., Bossy Boots

  • Brain's Boss-O-Meter can go up to 10.
  • A 10% sign hangs up inside the toy store at the beginning.
  • The Marie Antoinette doll comes with 10 dresses.
  • A 10 can be seen on Emily's birthday schedule.

Binky vs. Binky

  • Binky writes that he is 10 years old on the sign-up sheet.
  • Binky wears a vest that has a 10 on it.
  • Binky's soccer jersey also has a 10.
  • Binky's baseball uniform also has a 10.
  • At the pizza restaurant, there is a "2 for 10$" poster on the wall.
  • The race is being held on the 10th of July.

Operation D.W.

  • A billboard during the prologue has the phrase "10% more".
  • Buster's transforming car/boat has a 10 on the hood.
  • The Mary Moo Cow episode D.W. watches involves counting to 10.
  • Dr. Tinnitus sounds like "Dr. Ten-nitus".
    • The letters T, E, and N can be seen on the fourth row of the eye chart in her office.
  • The coffee vending machine has 10¢ written on it.
  • D.W.'s dream before the operation indicates a sign saying "Exam Room 10".

Do You Speak George?

  • At the very end of the episode a streak in the dirt is the 1 and the marble arena is a 0, making a 10
  • George's house number is 10.
  • The Brain says "10" in his language.

World Girls

  • A 10% poster on the wall when Sue Ellen gets in the line.
  • Another 10% poster on the wall in one of the World Girl World exhibits.
  • An Olympics World Girl doll scored a perfect 10.
  • Bailey says they have 10 countries left to visit.
  • On one of the doll assembly machines.

What's Cooking?

  • Ming Tsai cooked the butterfly shrimp in 10 seconds.
  • Arthur sets his alarm clock to 6:10 AM.
  • Sue Ellen tells Ming to refer to fact 10-B on her information card.

Buster's Special Delivery

  • The mailman's hat had the number 10 on it when Buster speaks to him.
  • The student mail carrier gets to skip 10 minutes of homeroom.
  • Muffy says she is subscribed to 10 magazines.
  • The gym coach tells the students to run 10 laps.

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