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"A City View"
Season 1, Episode 27
Original airdate January 11, 2005
Location Manhattan, New York
Writer Peter Gaffney
Alisa Curran
Live-action editor Daniel Gaucher
Field producer Amy Goodman
Storyboard artist Elie Klimos
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"A City View" is the twenty-seventh episode in the first season of Postcards from Buster.


Francine discovers in a magazine that her lifestyle is the right fit for New York City. Buster travels there and meets up with a Jewish family and learns about high-rising apartments, taxis, prayer services, and that the school they attend is just like his own.


Muffy and Francine are taking a quiz in a magazine about personality, and the results show that Francine would be best matched with New York City. The two of them get Buster to film it for her.

Buster and his father are staying with the Goldsteins, an Orthodox Jewish family with three kids. Upon arrival, Aryeh educates Buster about the kippah and tzitzit, which are both common articles of clothing worn by Orthodox Jews. Buster then joins Aryeh for a game of baseball to round out his first day.

The next morning Buster goes to Aryeh's Jewish day school, where they begin the day with prayer. Buster learns some basics about the Torah and Hebrew language, as well as the reasoning behind the separation of boys and girls during prayer. Then in the library, Aryeh introduces Buster to his friend Maddie, who is learning Hebrew for her Bat Mitzvah, and then Buster goes home with Maddie via the grocery store, where Buster learns how to distinguish kosher food from non-kosher food. At her house, Maddie teaches Buster two essential Hebrew phrases, "Shabbat shalom" and "Shavuah tov," both of which come in handy later in the episode.

The next day is Shabbos, and after just a half-day of school for Aryeh, he's with his family preparing for Shabbat dinner. The Goldstein family does not use electronics during Shabbat, as is common among Orthodox families, but that doesn't bother Buster and his dad, who spend the next day together before Havdallah at the Goldsteins. To finish out the trip, Buster and Aryeh attend Maddie's Bat Mitzvah party, where they eat and dance the night away.

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Eric Goldstein: Friend of Mr. Baxter who hosts him and Buster during their stay in New York. 

Aryeh: Mr. Goldstein's son, who becomes 

Maddie: Classmate and friend of Aryeh, who is in the midst of studying Hebrew for her Bat Mitzvah, which Buster and Aryeh attend at the end of the episode.

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