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About Face
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Game Information
Game type Critical Thinking
Main character(s) Arthur
Release Date July 8, 2003
Platform Online

About Face was a game on the Arthur page of the PBS Kids website.


The player first selects one of Arthur's friends: D.W., Francine, Binky, Buster, or Muffy. After choosing, the scene switches to the kitchen, where Arthur has set up three posters on the wall. Each poster shows a different emotion, and the player must pick the one that best fits the situation Arthur talks about. If correct, Arthur tosses Pal a bone, but if incorrect, Pal whimpers sadly then tries again. Once the player has earned all five bones, Pal will jump on his bowl and spill them or push them to the side then, after eating them, pushes the empty bowl back, and the game returns to the menu to select another friend.


Binky's Ballet

Binky has a ticket to see his favorite ballet, “Swan Lake,” on Friday night. - Excited

Buster asks Binky if he’s going to the ballet. “Uh… I don’t know… maybe… yeah,” says Binky. - Embarrassed

When Binky arrives at the ballet, he discovers that it’s “DUCK Lake,” not “Swan Lake.” - Surprised

“I’m not going to enjoy this one bit!” says Binky, sitting down and crossing his arms. - Grumpy

“Duck Lake” turns out to be fantastic. “Ah… how I love a good ballet!” says Binky. - Satisfied

Buster's Show and Tell

Buster wakes up and remembers… oh, no! He doesn’t have his aliens book for show and tell! - Worried

“Brain never returned it! I TOLD him I needed it today!” says Buster. - Angry

“Hmm… What can I do in five minutes?” says Buster. - Thoughtful

“I’ve got it!” Buster says. “I’ll take this moldy sandwich from under my bed.” - Excited

In class, Buster shows everyone his sandwich. “Very creative,” says Mr. Ratburn. “Good Job!” - Proud

D.W.'s Birthday

Today is D.W.’s birthday, and she’s having a big party. - Excited

D.W. thinks that if she’s extra good today, she might get twice as many presents. - Sneaky

Then Mom tells her that none of her friends can come to her party. - Sad

But later, all of D.W.’s friends jump out from behind the furniture and yell, “Happy birthday!” - Surprised

With all the cake, presents, and friends, D.W. has had a very long day. - Tired

Francine's Soccer Game

Before the big soccer game, Francine hopes she plays better than she did last time. - Worried

During the game, the ball goes between Francine’s legs, and the other team laughs at her. - Embarrassed

“Okay, that’s it!” says Francine. “I have a plan to help us win!” - Determined

Francine distracts the other team by yelling: “Boogedy-boogedy! Nyah!"- Silly

Francine scores the winning goal. The crowd cheers! - Excited

Muffy's Dolls

Muffy’s father gives her a doll she already has. She sighs and puts it with the others in her room. - Bored

Sue Ellen sees all the dolls and tells Muffy, “Dolls should be played with, not just sit there.” - Sad

Muffy thinks, “Sue Ellen’s not being fair. It’s not MY fault I have so many dolls.” - Grumpy

Muffy gets an idea: she gives all her dolls away to a charity for needy kids. - Proud

Afterward, Muffy thinks, “Hey! Now I have room to display all my Backstreet Boys stuff!” - Excited


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