About Face
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Game Information
Game type Critical Thinking
Main character(s) Arthur
Release Date July 2003
Platform Online

About Face is a game on the Arthur page of the PBS Kids website.


The player first selects one of Arthur's friends: D.W., Francine, Binky, Buster, or Muffy. After choosing, the scene switches to the kitchen, where Arthur has set up three posters on the wall. Each poster shows a different emotion, and the player must pick the one that best fits the situation Arthur talks about. If correct, Arthur tosses Pal a bone, but if incorrect, Pal whimpers sadly then tries again. Once the player has earned all five bones, Pal will jump on his bowl and spill them or push them to the side then, after eating them, pushes the empty bowl back, and the game returns to the menu to select another friend.

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