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Adil Akyuz
Age 8[1]
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Complexion Brown
Residence Adil's apartment, Istanbul, Turkey
Family Mahmut Akyuz (father)
Mrs. Akyuz (mother)
Ayse Akyuz (sister)
Cartoon debut "Dear Adil"
Voiced by Buruc Yantains ("Dear Adil"; uncredited)
Aaron Grunfeld ("The Long Road Home")

Adil Akyuz (Turkish spelling: Akyüz) is Arthur's 8-year-old Turkish pen-pal.

Arthur and Adil have a lot in common. Even Adil's best friend, Onder, behaves very similarly to Arthur's best friend, Buster. They also have sisters who are exceedingly annoying. Adil lives in an apartment and his room has a computer. His father, Mahmut Akyuz, owns a grocery store below his apartment, where Adil works on the weekends.

He has a little sister named Ayse, who pesters him much like how D.W. pesters Arthur.

In "Is That Kosher?" it is revealed that Adil and his family celebrate Ramadan, which indicates they are Muslims.

He plays soccer, because he has a soccer poster, has cleats under his bed, and has a soccer ball at the end of his bed.

Physical appearance[]

Adil looks almost identical to Brain, but with a slightly larger, light pink nose and a browner complexion. For casual clothes, he wears a green short-sleeved shirt with purple and white stripes, along with jeans. His school clothes are a dark blue collar shirt and tan-gray trousers.


Adil is a Turkish name of Arabic origin. It means "just".



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  1. "'Adil Akyuz, eight years old, from Turkey.'"Arthur Read reading a paper, "Dear Adil"