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Alphonse s1

Old man bear s8

Buster's fantasy butler

Alphonse s17

Gender Male
Animal Bear
Hair color White (s1-s6, s14, s17-present)
Brownish orange (s8-s9)
Brown (s15)
Complexion Peach (s1-s6, s14-present)
Cream (s8)
Creme (s9)
Brown (s15)
Residence Alfonz's house, Elwood City
Cartoon debut "Arthur Cleans Up"

Alfonz[1] is an elderly man who lives in Elwood City.


He and 3rd Grade Male Dog (Number 2) played chess in the park until they saw Pal choking on the Tough Customers' litter. He ran to Pal and gave him the Heimlich maneuver, later saying that he knew there was a reason he went to medical school.

Buster tries to sell him chocolate in "Buster's Sweet Success," but he says that he is allergic, and even the word 'chocolate' gives him a rash. However, he later buys a box of Buster Clusters after hearing that they are homemade.

He stands next to Unnamed crocodile at the U Stink concert.






Chocolate allergy and aligator
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