Arthur V.O: Have you ever thought about how different something might have been if you had done it just one minute earlier? Or even later? How much better everything would have been?

Bitzi: Hi Arthur. Well how about that. You're right on time. Buster's still in his room. Why don't you tell him if he doesn't hurry up, he'll miss your movie?

Arthur: Hey Buster. Come on! The movie starts in 15 minutes.

Buster: Okay. Let's go.

Arthur VO: That's what would have happened if I'd been one minute later. But instead... 

Bitzi: Hi Arthur. Well how about that. You're one minute early. Why don't you run up and tell him if he doesn't hurry, you boys will miss your movie?

Arthur: Hey Buster. Come on! The movie starts in... 

Buster: Arthur! Arthur.


Binky VO: All Thumbs

Arthur: Uh... I'll be right back.

Buster: Okay. You can come back in now. Arthur?

Bitzi: You better get going if... Where's Arthur?

Buster: He had to go.

Bitzi: But I thought you two were going to the movies.

Buster: He had to go home.

Arthur: Mom! Dad! D.W.! Come quickly! I just found out something about Buster.

All 3: What? What?

(Arthur whispering)


Jane: I knew it!

David; He was always too goofy.

D.W.: And immature.

Jane and David: Exactly!

Jane: I don't want you hanging out with him anymore! My son hobnobbing with babies.

Arthur: Don't worry. I won't.

David: Luckily, there's a PTA meeting tonight so we can warn the other parents.

Jane: Why wait? Let's get on the phone now!

Arthur: Hello. Buster?

Buster: Email. Email is better.

Buster VO: Hi. Arthur. It's me. Your buddy, Buster. I know what you just saw looked kind of weird, but it's not that big a deal, right? I mean...

D.W.: Now Suzy, what did I tell you about sucking your thumb? That's only for babies like Kate.

Buster VO: I mean, we're still best friends, right? Your best friend, Buster. P.S. Please don't tell anybody.

Arthur: Hi Buster. Yeah, we're still... Not that big a deal!?

Buster: I'm glad we're still best friends, Arthur!

Arthur: Of course! Why wouldn't we be? And don't worry. I won't tell anybody.

Buster: Actually. I thought about that. Now that I know you're okay with it, I don't care if the whole world knows.

Maria: *Gasp*

Buster: Mmmm. What's wrong? It's no big deal, right? Just like you said.

Buster: We're best friends!

Buster: Hi! Did you get my...

Arthur: Hi Buster! Gotta run! Don't wanna be late!

Buster: Hey guys!

George: Oh, hey! Arthur's over there.

Buster: I know. I wanna hang out with you guys today. How about them Grebes, right?

Francine: Weird. Why didn't Buster come sit with us?

Arthur: What? Oh. I don't know. Maybe he feels like a change of pace.

Francine: Don't you care?

Arthur: No. Why would I care? He can sit where he wants. [eats beans] Mmmm. These beans are delicious.

Francine: What's up?

Arthur: Nothing.

Francine: Yeah right.

George: And them I forgot to write my lemur report so I...

Buster: Weird.

George: Buster?

(Buster laughs sheepishly)

Francine: I know. You had a fight?

Arthur: No!

Francine: You did something to him? He did something to you? He caught you in something? You caught him in something? Aha! What is it? What did Buster do? Come on! I know you wanna tell me.

(faint conversation)

Buster: I'm okay. Whew. Heh heh. Just... uh... had a wobbly seat. I uh... better get someone to fix it. Yeah.

Francine: Okay. You have got to tell us what is going on.

Arthur: Gotta run!

George: The lemur has a striped tail. The lemur is small. The lemur is a primate. The lemur eats plants. The lemur has a long snout. The lemur has a wet nose. The lemur has a good sense of smell.


Francine: Not so fast, Arthur!

Arthur: I told you already. I can't say anything.

Francine: At least give me a hint. You can run, but you can't hide!

Buster: He's told everyone. I just know it! What am I gonna do? Hello. Is this where you go to find a grown up job? I know I look young, but I have three... well two and a half years of elementary school. Plus kindergarten. And...

(phone rings)

(fast voice on phone)

Man: Thanks for telling us, Mr. Read.

(Buster gasps)

Buster: Okay. enough already!

Arthur: Ah!

Buster: Arthur. What's the big deal!? Telling everybody? I asked you not to!

Arthur: I didn't!

Buster: Don't say that! I know you did! You were talking about me in the cafeteria!

Arthur: Because you fell out of your seat!

Buster: And then in class, you were passing notes!

Arthur: No! Francine was passing notes to me and I was telling her to stop it!

Buster: Oh, right!

Arthur: It's true!

Buster: This coming from the kid who ran away from my house and then wouldn't reply to my email!

Arthur: Well, I... I... Who sucks their thumb anyway?!

Buster: Shhh!

Arthur: You're 8 years old, Buster!

Buster: I try to stop, but it's hard. And I only do it sometimes, not when anyone can see.

Arthur: So?

Buster: It's my own problem. It doesn't hurt anybody. Not like ratting on your friend!

Arthur: I didn't rat on you!

Muffy: What'd I miss?

Francine: Shhh!

Muffy: Oh. Oops. Sorry. Was it good?

Francine: No. No it wasn't.

Buster: Aha! I knew it!

Arthur: Okay, so now you know. Satisfied?

Muffy: Will someone please tell me what's going on?

Francine: Wait Buster! Wait! Wait! Wait! I just... I have something that... Here.

Buster: What is it? A potion that makes you invisible? You mean, you actually do have a potion that makes you invisible?

Francine: No. It's stuff that you put on your thumb or fingers that make them taste bad so you don't suck them.

Buster: Oh. Why do you have that?

Francine: Why do you think?

Buster: You too?

Francine: I hardly do it anymore. Don't tell anybody.

Buster: Don't worry. I know how to keep a secret.

Francine: And I should probably tell you one more thing...

(doorbell rings)

Jane: Oh. Hello, Buster.

Buster: Hi Arthur.

Arthur: No! I didn't tell them. I swear!

Buster: I know. Francine told me. I just wanted to say I'm sorry I said you did.

Arthur: Actually, I'm the one who should be sorry. It was really mean of me to run away the other day.

Buster: Really? You mean it?

Arthur: I shouldn't have gotten so freaked out.

Buster: Yeah. But you're right. I am in third grade and I shouldn't do it. It makes my thumb all wrinkly, like this.

Arthur: Like what?

Buster: Wait. You know what? I haven't sucked my thumb at all since you saw me.

Arthur: Wow! Maybe you were so worried about me telling on you that...

Buster: No. Don't jinx it!

Arthur: Best friends again?

Buster: Best friends!

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