This article is about the 2020 television special. You may be looking for the book Arthur's Thanksgiving, the online game An Elwood City Thanksgiving, or the event Arthur and Buster Thanksgiving Spectacular.
"An Arthur Thanksgiving"



Original Airdate: United States November 16, 2020 [1][2][3]
Written by: Peter Ferland
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
Hélène Cossette
Allan Jeffery
Glen Kennedy
Tapani Knuutila
Daniel Miodini
Tom Nesbitt
Jeremy O'Neil
Tahir Rana
Tony Tupilano
"Special: The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur"

"An Arthur Thanksgiving"[4] is a one-hour TV special that debuted on PBS on November 16, 2020.[1]


"It's Thanksgiving, and it couldn't be busier! David is whipping up his famous turkey dinner, the Lakewood elementary kids are preparing for the annual parade and, when things start to go off course, Arthur and his friends must find a way to save the Thanksgiving celebration."[5]







  • This special takes place on Thanksgiving Day of Arthur's third grade year.
  • Tony Daniels replaces Greg Kramer following his death in 2013 as the voice of Nemo.
  • Aunt Minnie refers to a theory that the song "Hickory Dickory Dock" is a reference to English ruler Richard Cromwell but erroneously calls him a "King" when he only held the title of Lord-Protector like his better known father Oliver Cromwell.
  • Although this special premiered in 2020, it was produced in 2019 according to the credits.

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