And Now a Word from Us Kids is a regular feature aired as interstitial content on most episodes of Arthur between stories. The segments feature real kids (most often third graders and usually at a school), who discuss the topic featured in the story immediately preceding the initial segment. For example, in the segment following "Arthur's Chicken Pox," a group of real-kids discuss having had the chicken pox and show their own chicken pox-related drawings. After the segment, a kid's drawing of Arthur is shown while the kids announced "And Now Back To Arthur".

Other examples include:

In a number of installments of Arthur following the premiere of Postcards from Buster, this segment was briefly replaced with the feature Postcards from You, but it was discontinued once Postcards from Buster went off the air, and And Now a Word from Us Kids returned.

A similar themed segment, A Word from Marc Brown, is shown at the end of the second Arthur story starting with Season 10. Marc Brown showed how to draw the faces of one character per segment, including Arthur, D.W., Kate, and Pal.

Kids' drawings of Arthur at the end of the segment


  • In overseas airings of the show, such as when it aired on CBBC in the United Kingdom and on Disney Channel Asia airings of the show, this segment was omitted to make room for commercials. They are also omitted on many PBS stations during pledge drives.
  • The interstitial after "Prunella's Special Edition" originally showed students writing their own books and having a book signing, but this segment was later replaced by the interstitial after "The Wheel Deal". This interstitial is about the All Kids Can character contest and is now featured after each of the aforementioned episodes.
  • "Postcards from Buster" is the only episode to not include an interstitial, likely because the episode itself featured many different live-action scenes similar to this one.
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