Animal Home Builder
Animal Home Builder.png
Game Information
Game type Designing and building
Release Date May 4, 2018[1]
Platform Online
Website link Play now!

Animal Home Builder is an Arthur game on the PBS Kids website. It is based on the episode, "The Master Builders."


George will help the player build houses for animals that his friends bring in. There are four different animal houses; a birdhouse, a doghouse, a cat condo, and a rabbit cage. First, the player must choose a material and color for the wall. Next, the player carves an entrance by following a dotted line with their mouse. The next step is to design the roof (or a scratching post for the cat condo), and click to nail it down. Finally, the player must place supplies, such as food and water bowls and toys, next to the house. After the house is finished, the player can either feed and play with the animal, or build a new house.




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  1. On May 3, 2018, the Arthur twitter account tweeted to announce a new game coming tomorrow. On May 4, it was revealed to be Animal Home Builder.

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