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There are tons of non-humanoid animals that live in and around Elwood City. There are mammals like the white-tailed deer, eastern grey squirrels, bats, and skunks and then there are reptiles and amphibians like toads, frogs, and snakes. There are also birds like the historic green-tailed grebe and many more.

But it does not stop there. There are rare and exotic animals such as tigers, rhinos, and lions. This page is only about animals that are seen in the show.


Mammals are warm-blooded creatures.  They have fur or hair at some point in their lives, if not all of their lives.  They feed their babies with milk the female produces.  They give birth to live offspring.  The only species of Mammals that does not give birth to live young are the Duck-Billed Platypus and Echidna.  Mammals live on all the continents of the world.  This section focuses on Mammals that appeared in Arthur and gives some brief information about the creatures.

White-tailed Deer[]


The White-tailed deer is a peaceful herbivore from the deer family. They are mainly all over North America and are found in forests. Their colors allow them to blend into the background of the forest. When startled, they will run off. This animal appears in "D.W.'s Deer Friend." D.W. spots one of these and gives it the name Walter. She attempts to feed the deer cereal the next day and wants to take it home.

Eastern Gray Squirrel[]

The Squirrels

The squirrel is a common animal that lives in cities in the north western and north eastern part of the United States and Canada. They mainly eat seeds, but when food is rare they will eat bugs. The squirrel is a member of the rodent family. They spend most of their life in trees. When winter comes, they don't hibernate. Instead, they will bury their food for later and spend the winter tucked away in their burrow, only to wander out when they are hungry. They appear in later seasons such as "The Squirrels." This animal lives all over Elwood City, and in "The Squirrels," the 3rd graders from Lakewood Elementary School are scared of squirrels after they saw a horror movie about them.

Little brown bat[]


It is one of the most common bat species in North America, although it is rarely seen because they are nocturnal. They mainly eat insects such as mosquitoes and moths. They are able to hunt by using their echolocation which allows them to identify the location of objects in the dark. And, contrary to popular belief, bats are not blind. A bat is seen in "Bats in the Belfry," when Arthur and D.W. discover one living in the attic of Grandma Thora's house.


North American Porcupine[]

Porcupines are one of the largest rodents that live in the US and Canada. It is a large mammal covered in quills/spikes. It mainly eats plants. It moves extremely slowly, but once they are climbing, they are pretty fast. Their quills are their main defense. It does not shoot out its quills but instead it turns around and swats the enemy with its tail. Each quill is covered in small barbs that allows it to embed itself into its victim. The porcupine made its appearance in the episode "The Great Lint Rush" in Mr. Toad's home as a body guard. Brain mentions that he took a porcupine home in the episode "Hide and Snake."

Striped skunk[]


The skunk is a member of the Mephitidae l family. It spends its time foraging for grubs that live underground. It is mainly nocturnal. The scent it emits comes from a special scent gland in the animal. It takes more than 24 hours to recover after emitting the odor, so they prefer to scare off predators over spraying them. The skunk appeared as a prank in "Arthur Goes to Camp."

Bottlenose dolphin[]

The Bottlenose dolphin is a member of the dolphin family. They mainly eat fish such as tuna.


They swim in groups called pods. They are extremely intelligent animals, and communicate by clicking and whistling. They are extremely friendly, and have been known to protect scuba divers. They make several appearances throughout the Arthur Series as background characters.

Blue whale[]

Humpback Whale

The largest mammal in the world. It swims in the open ocean and is the largest mammal in the world. It mainly eats krill. They swim in pods like dolphins and communicate with songs. They are the subject of Arthur and Muffy's report in "Arthur Goes Crosswire." It appears in Buster's dream in "Buster Baxter and the Letter from the Sea."

Siberian tiger[]

The Siberian tiger is the largest member of the Cat family. They mainly live in Siberia and northern China. They are considered to be endangered due to loss of habitat, hunting, and fears. Their orange coat allows them to blend into the background of the forest. Their main prey is deer. They make an appearance in "Buster the Myth Maker." In that episode, the tigers are seen with a full orange and black striped coat, but in "Get Smart," Hugo shows the tigers correctly with a large white patch of fur on their bellies.  


April 9th 3

The Llama is a member of the camel family. They are found in the Andes mountains. They mainly eat grass and other shrubs. Their wool is used to make clothes. They have been used as guards of sheep in farms. They make several appearances; once in a postcard from Sue Ellen's pen pal from Bolivia and the other an adviser named Dolly Llama who lives at the Petting Zoo in Elwood city in the episode "Paradise Lost." They are featured prominently in "The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur."

Grizzly bear[]


The largest brown bear in the world. They are omnivorous, which means they eat both plants and animals. They can stand up on their hind legs. They have sharp claws that can rip into a car. They live in western North America in boreal forests, Mountain regions, and prairies. This animal appears in "I'm a Poet" and "S.W.E.A.T." and is mentioned in "Based on a True Story."



The camel is known as the ship of the desert. They eat plants whenever they can find them. The camel can live for days and even months without water. They live in deserts in Africa and Asia. There are also feral camels in Australia. They appear in "Flea to Be You and Me" and "Mei Lin Takes a Stand."

Indian Rhinoceros[]

White Rhino

A large mammal that lives on the savanna of South Africa. They eat grass. They do not have good vision but do have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, so they tend to charge at intruders. They are a vulnerable species, as they are hunted for their horns. They appeared in Flea to Be You and Me.



The antelope is a grazing animal species that live on the savanna of Africa. They eat low lying vegetation like grass. They travel great distance to find food. They are commonly picked off (eaten) by lions, cheetah, leopards, hyena and wild dogs. They made an appearance in Flea to Be You and Me.



The zebra is a member of the horse species. Zebras live on the savannas of Africa.   They live in large herds which is made up of an older male and lots of females and their children.  Male Zebras will attack intruding male Zebras. The Zebra has a black and white striped coat. This coat allows them to blend in with the other Zebras. The zebra travels across great distances in search of food. Like the antelope, they are picked off by lions, leopard, hyena, and wild dogs. They made an appearance in Flea to Be You and Me .



The tallest land mammal in the world. They eat leaves from the tops of trees. In Africa, many trees are pruned by these animals. They do not have any predators except when they are young. They are an alert system in the savanna for the other animals because they can see predators from great distances. They use ultrasonic sound to let other animals know what they see. Their main offense is using its powerful back legs and long necks. They made an appearance in Flea to Be You and Me.



The Hippopotamus or Hippo is a large, even-toed ungulate that lives in the savanna of Africa. They live all day in the water and spend their nights on land eating plants. The hippo is recognizable for its large teeth, and mouth and barrel shaped torso. The Hippopotamus is the third largest land mammal. The Hippo causes more injuries in Africa than the Nile Crocodile. The hippo appeared in Flea to Be You and Me



The Baboon is a large old world monkey. They are a ground dwelling mammal. They are omnivorous, they will eat vegetables and insects. The Baboon is a social animal. They live in troops in Africa's savanna, hills and open woodlands. They go on food raids. They made an appearance in The Frensky Family Fiasco.

African Lion[]

Afican Lion

The African Lion is the only cat that lives in large families called Prides. The female Lion or lioness does most of the hunting. The male Lion stays behind to take care of the young. The male's mane represents the health of the male lion. They eat meat, mainly Wildebeest, Zebra, and Antelope. They appeared in The Frensky Family Fiasco and a lion picture was drawn by George in When Carl Met George .

African Bush Elephant[]

African Elephant

The largest land mammal on earth. Males (bulls) weigh up to 24,000 lbs. The males are solitary animals, that means that they live alone. But the female elephants live in families. These families are made up of older and younger female elephants with their calves. They are social animals and have been known to help out other elephants in trouble. They are herbivores and travel great distances to find food. The male elephant is the most dangerous in musth. That is when they are in the mood for breeding. The elephants dung is made of what it eats because the animal does not digest everything so it comes out the same way it came in. The African Elephant appeared in Arthur Writes a Story. But in the episode Arthur's Chicken Pox, they used an Asian Elephant.



A large mammal that lives in the forest of Africa. They are a peaceful creature that are herbivores. They are the largest ape in the world. They are the closest DNA relation to humans. They are extremely intelligent creatures, they can use tools, build nests and live groups called troops. Unfortunately, they are an endangered species due to loss of habitat. The gorilla appeared in War of the Worms.



Monkeys are one of the oldest sub species to apes. It is believed that humans evolved from monkeys because humans still have a tail bone. There are two types of monkeys: new world and old world. A monkey appeared in Buenas Noches, Vicita.



The sloth is the slowest animal in the world. They live in the high canopy of the tropical rainforest of South America. They mainly eat plants, and don't have predators. This animal appeared in Buenas Noches, Vicita.



Groundhogs are a member of the rodent family. They live in North America from Alaska to Central United States to North Eastern United States all the way to Alabama. They live on lowland areas, living mainly undergrounds, building burrows that can be up to 14 meters of tunnels and 1.5 meters underground. They eat mainly wild grass and other vegetables, They will occasionally eat insects, grasshoppers, grubs, snails and other small animals. They will rear up when eating. They have few predators due to they live underground. They can be a pest to farmers and golf courses. They have a day name after them Groundhogs day. Groundhogs appeared in Home Sweet Home.

Sea Lion[]


Is a species of seal that has ears, They live sub-tropical, and tropical waters in both the northern and southern hemispheres oceans, except for the North Atlantic Ocean, they eat fish and squids. They live in the water most of there life and spend time on land when breeding, sleeping and taking care of there young. Sea Lions can be trained by humans to do tricks in zoo and aquariums. They appeared in D.W. All Wet.



A species of Marsupials that live in trees, their favorite food is Eucalyptis leaves.   They are very slow on land but very fast in the trees this is due to there leaf only diet.  Like all Marsupials they have a pouch where there baby is stays in but in there latter years they move from the pouch to hanging to there mothers back.  They resemble bears but they are not.  They are symbol of Australia.  Koalas appeared in the episode "Blockheads".


Wolves are mentioned "Happy Anniversary."


Birds are warm blooded creature that is covered in feathers.  They lay eggs and wings that allows them to fly.  There are other birds that do not fly, but instead have long legs to run or webbed feet to swim.  Most birds are background creatures making up time of the day, emotion of the surrounding or simple music.  The Green-Tailed Grebe is the most famous of the birds being the creature that lived in Elwood City before it became a city.



An owl is seen in Buenas Noches, Vicita. These are also rarely seen in Arthur's hometown because they are nocturnal animals. They mainly hunt smaller animals such as mice and squirrels. They are capable of turning their head 180 degrees. Their large eyes are the reason that they can see at night. Owls are famous for their hooting noises, but tend to screech as well. Their talons can easily crush the bones of its prey. Also, many owls are known to have a silent flight because of their wings. This makes hunting much easier

Green-Tailed Grebe[]

Green Tailed Grebe 2

The Green-Tailed Grebe is a fictional bird, but it closely resembles the real-life Red-tailed Grebe. It is a bird native to Elwood City but has since become very rare due to unknown circumstances. It is considered to be the town bird, because the Elwood City Grebes are named after them. They are a type of water fowl so they live near to water sources like lakes, rivers and ponds. Grebes usually eat water plants. This bird has had mentions in many episodes.

Eastern Blue Bird[]

Blue birds

Commonly found in Elwood City. You can often hear them sing songs in the backgrounds of episodes. They mainly eat insects, and seeds. They usually live in forests but have been found in cities.

American Crow[]


The American Crow is found in Elwood City. They are scavengers so they mainly eat the leftovers of other kills. Legends state that crows are bad luck. Crows are pictured as birds of omens in movies in graveyards or creepy scenes. Despite everything stated, the Crow is not a bad bird. Crows have been known to be very smart and communicate with each other with caws over long distance. They made an appearance in What Scared Sue Ellen?.



Robins are predators, they eat bugs, and worms. They are a sign of spring, being the first bird to return in the spring. They migrate to warmer climates in the Fall. They are a song bird, making appearance in many background scenes. They made an appearance in Buster's Secret Admirer.

Bald Eagle[]

Bald Egale

A large predatory bird that hunts fish and other prey. It is the symbol of the United States of America and a bird of honor. As the name is referred to as it is bald, it isn't bald. In fact it has a powerful beak that can cut through the toughest scales and powerful talons that can carry its prey away. As well as strong muscular wings so it can dive for its prey and able to return to the sky. The Bald Egale appeared in I'd Rather Read it Myself and Mentioned in For The Birds


Hawk 1

Another bird of prey a bite smaller than the bald eagle, it a symbol of honor and been symbolize for power and strength. It hunts other birds and small animals like mice. They live in cities, and mountains. It was the way Francine knew that she made it to the top of the mountain in Fernfern and the secret of Moose Mountain.

Hyacinth Macaw[]


Is a parrot native to eastern, central South America. They are 3.3 feet, it is the largest known Macaw, the largest flying parrot and longer is than any known parrot. It is endangered species due to habitat loss. Its diet is of native nuts and will eat fruit and other vegetable matter. It lives in Palm Swamps, woodlands and other semi-open wooded habitats. It appeared In Buenas Noches, Vicita.


Feeling Flush (12)

A large bird of prey with the head and neck more or less bare of feathers, feeding chiefly on carrion and reputed to gather with others in anticipation of the death of a sick or injured animal or person. It appeared In Feeling Flush.


Praying Mantis[]

Preying Mantis

The Praying Mantis is a master hunter. They strike their prey with stealth and accuracy. Unlike many bugs, they are a very helpful insect in gardens. It helps get rid of invasive insects such as grasshoppers, beetles and other bugs by eating them. The Praying Mantis was inspired in a new form of Martial Arts. It was the insect that Sue Ellen chose as part of her Bug Week Project in Binky Barnes, Wingman.


Stink Bugs[]

Stink Bugs are a member of the beetle family. They are called stink bugs because, when they are scared, they release a smelly odor to make them an unwanted food source. They are typically found in dead trees in order to aid in decomposition of the tree. This bug was George's topic during "bug week" in Binky Barnes, Wingman.

Honey Bee[]

Honey bee

Honey Bees are bugs that live in a social order. There are drones, guards, workers and the queen. Each rank has its purpose in a Bee Hive. Honey Bees have a great importance in the garden. They pollinate the flowers and help with reproduction of the plant. It made its appearance in Buster's Green Thumb and was Muffy's topic during Bug Week in Binky Barnes, Wingman.


Butterflies are often seen in Elwood City. There are many types of butterflies that appear in episodes, such as the Monarch. Binky becomes interested in catching butterflies in Binky Barnes, Wingman, and in Binky Goes Nuts a butterfly lands on him and he thinks that it is an allergic reaction to butterflies, but actually it is an allergy to peanuts.



Beetles are a species of insects. They eat fallen trees, therefore helping with decomposition. They are preyed on by birds such as blue birds, woodpeckers and their babies (grubs) by skunks and Raccoons. They made an appearance in the opening to The Cherry Tree.



The Moth is a nocturnal version of a Butterfly. They are attracted to light like most insects. They eat cotton and other plants. They are a favorite meal for Bats and birds. They made an appearance in Binky Barnes, Wingman.


Ants 1

Ants resemble humans, they live in large colonies with thousands of workers, guards, and at the top of the colony is the queen ant. She is the only one who breeds in the colony. They mainly eat sugar. They made an appearance in Ants in Arthur's Pants as part of Arthur extra credit project.



The Dragonfly starts its life living underwater where it hunts fish, tadpoles and other insects. As they mature, they grow wings and leave the water. They live near bodies of water such as swamps, ponds and rivers. They are a big help in keeping Mosquito populations down because they prey on the insect. They made an appearance in Binky Barnes, Wingman as a model.



Ladybugs are member of the beetle family. They are great help in the garden because eat smaller creatures called gnawtes. They have a tougher outer shell which hides a pair of wings. Their enemy are larger insects and spiders. But the biggest concern to Ladybugs is pesticides which kills these helpful creatures. They appeared in Binky Barnes, Wingman.



Mosquitoes are a pest to humans. The male species eat mainly fruits. While the female mosquitoes eat fruit and can also drink blood. The female mosquito lays her eggs in stagnant water. They are eaten by dragonflies and frogs. They are more activeafter sunset. They made appearance in Bats in the Belfry, and is Francine project during bug week in Binky Barnes, Wingman.



Spiders are not an insect but an Arachnid. It has eight legs and eight eyes. There are many different types of spiders. Each type of spider, each spider create different type ways to hunt their prey. The most common spider is the one


that makes a spider web. It can not chow their food but instead they inject their venom into their prey which they turn them into a smooth and drink it. They made in appearance in I'm a Poet, and it was Arthur bug project during bug week in Binky Barnes, Wingman.


Millipede means


thousand legs, unfortunately they do not have a thousand legs. They are predators like Spiders. They have a venom that can inject into their prey. They eat insects. Compared to the Centipede which eat plants. The Millipede appeared in Binky Barnes, Wingman, it is Allan Powers bug project during bug week.

Marine Life[]



Crabs are crustacean. It does not have a back bone. You generally find them on beaches. They eat mainly dead things. It is heavily armored creature and posses two pairs of Claws. It can crush predators with its claws. It made its appearance in The Shore Thing.



Lobsters are a member of the crustacean. It is much larger than crabs. They live in the deep parts of the ocean where they scavenge dead things. Lobsters, Crabs, shrimp and many creatures that generally live in the sea are endangered due to pollution, and over fishing. Like Crabs they are heavily armored and have a strong pair of pincers that can crush a person hand. They were found in a tidal pool in The Shore Thing.

Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab

Hermit Crabs are a crustacean that live on beaches. They called Hermit Crabs because they wear a shell. They have no armor so as they grow they have to find new shells. They would rather find empty shells, but if they have to they will kill the creature that is living in the shell and take over. They generally eat dead things. They do have two powerful claws. The bigger they are the stronger they pinch. There is other ways for Hermit Crab can defend itself. By placing animals like Urchins on to their shell protects them from predators. D.W. made a mistake for a hermit crab for one her sea shells in The Shore Thing.

Sea Stars
Sea Star

Sea Stars or Starfish are not fish they have no backbone. They have suck shine cup like pads on the bottom of the animal. It allows it to move and keep close to the ground during strong ocean currents. They mainly eat snails, hermit crabs and other bottom dwellers. They made an appearance in The Shore Thing.

Sea anemones[]



A Sea anemone is a live creature usually found at the bottom of ocean. They mainly eat fish. It made an appearance in The Shore Thing.

Sea Hair[]

A boneless

Sea Hair

vertabrate that lives at the bottom of the ocean. They mainly a scavenger and eat muscles that fall to the bottom of the ocean.



A spiny creature that live creature. It is used as defense for hermit crabs. They lived at the bottom of the ocean, long coast line or in tidal pools. They have a mouth on the bottom of its body. They made an appearance in The Shore Thing



Is an eight legged animal without a back bone. They are extremely smart but tend to forget easily. They are capable to fit into anything. Even a small crack they can get into it. They are carnivores and will eat fish, they use there large tentacles catch there pray, on its tentacles which is covered in suction cups so it could grasp its prey or climb around its surroundings. They are common prey to whales and other larger predators. But an octopus have several special defenses including changing its color or shape, hiding in small on reachable places and of course the spray ink to make a quick escape.

Sea Cucumber[]

A spineless animal that lives at the bottom of the ocean. They have a mouth that allows it to filter the water. It is shaped as a cucumber. They
Sea cucumber
have been around since before dinosaurs. It appeared in Just Desserts on a documentary in Mr. Ratburn's class.

Jelly Fish[]


The oldest known life form on earth. It has no back bone and is made entirely of cells. They are the most dangerous animal in the ocean. Most Jelly fish have poisons stingers which allows it to hunt. It moves by the ocean current. There is only one species of known jelly fish that is vegetarian, because there kind evolved in a land lake and rely on eating algae that it grows by photosynthesis. So it does not have any poisons stingers. The most dangerous Jelly fish is called the man of war a Spanish name for a toxic jelly fish. It made an appearance in Just Desserts in a documentary in Mr. Ratburn's class.




Pufferfish are a dangerous fish. When it scared it will blowup to make it look bigger. They generally live in the tropics. There is a favorite food called Puku which is Pufferfish, the specie used in the dish is poisons and considered to be delicious and dangerous. Pufferfish eat smaller fish. They made an appearance in Buster Baxter and the Letter from the Sea. In D.W. all Wet, a pufferfish was in the aquarium

Sea Horse
Sea horse

Sea Horse is a species of fish. They tend live in Sea Weed. They rap their tail around sea weed or coral so they do not get blown away by the sea current. They are the only known species of animal were the male give birth to the young. They made two appearances in the Arthur series the first in Swept Away and again in Buster Baxter and the Letter from the Sea. Both were in a dream.


Sardine is a small fish that live the ocean. They live schools so they can not get picked off by larger fish. They can move with the other fish meaning if one moves to the left the others will move to the left. Fisherman catch Sardine which humans eat. They mainly eat Zooplankton. They had an appearance in Buster Baxter and the Letter from the Sea.

Electric Eel[]

Electric Eel a species of fish that have ability to produce a very powerful electric charge. They use

Electric Eel

it to hunt prey in their habitat which is murky rivers. They eat fish. They made a background appearance in DW all Wet


Shark is the top predator in the ocean. They will eat fish, sea turtles, dolphin, and sea birds.


They are endangered species due to be misleading, most sharks do not eat humans, because it is only the tiger shark and the great white shark big enough to eat a human but the truth is that when a shark attacks it is either it has a cut or resembles its favorite food seals. Most sharks are general scared of humans and prefer to not make any contact. The Shark appeared in the aquarium in DW all Wet.


A deep sea fish that lives on the darkest depth of the ocean. It has a long filament spout from the center of its head. This filament produces a light by a biolumment which it has a symbios a with bacteria. Its colors can allow it to hide and catch its prey. It appeared in D.W. Goes to Washington.

Angler fish

Amphibian and Reptiles[]

America Toad[]

The American Toad lives in and around slow moving bodies water such as Ponds and Marshes, they eat


bugs like flies, mosquitoes, will also larger food such as worms. The Toad is different from the frog. The first thing a Toad has rough skin where frogs have smooth skin, Toads have short leaps while frogs have long leaps, Toads are bulkier than frogs. In the Arthur series the Toad made several appearance including So Long, Spanky, The Great Sock Mystery and The Great Lint Rush. Knot-able Toads is Toady Wart face and Mr Toad.

North American Frog[]

Like the American Toad they live in and around slow moving bodies of water such as Ponds and Marshes, they eat insects, and smaller animals like worms, The biggest thing about both frogs and toads are that both are a symbol of clean environment. There are more frogs and toads when the water is clean and fewer mosquitoes, while on the opposite side when there are no frogs and toads the water is dirty and a lot more mosquitoes. They had a minor appearance in Water on the Brain.


The Kingsnake is a species of snake. The kingsnake constricts its prey, it eats mainly r

Hide and Snake

odents, lizards, eggs and other snakes, their pattern looks similar to that of the coral snake. There is a poem to remember to tell the two species apart. "Red on yellow, kill a fellow; "Red on black, friend of Jack"; and "Red into black, venom lack; red into yellow, kill a fellow." according to Wikipedia. The Kingsnake had major role in the episode Hide and Snake.


The Caiman is the South American equivalent to the Crocodile and Alligator. The Caiman waits


for its prey. Like all Crocodilians the Caiman is Cold Blooded. It must find a way to gain heat and cool itself. It lays in bright sunlight to gain heat and cool down by opening its mouth to lose heat or dive into the water. It can stay submerged underwater for hours. And hunt animals like pecera, monkeys, jaguars, fish, birds and any animal that steps into its element. It lives in the rivers of the Amazon. It made an appearance in Buenas Noches, Vicita.


Turtles are a member of the reptile species. They have a hard shell that is part of its body. A long neck that can enter its shell. It is a slow moving creature because of the shell. Not because the shell is heavy but it so heavily protected from predators. They eat mainly plants. The turtle made an appearance in I'm a poet.

Leatherback Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle

The largest turtle that lives around North America. The Leatherback Sea Turtle is graceful swimmer. They eat jellyfish, and sea weed. Their main prey is Sharks and Man. They are endangered species due to hunting for its meat and eggs. The biggest problem to the sea turtle is garbage such as plastic bags, they mistake them for there favorite food jellyfish. There most exciting event is their egg hatching which is during the full moon. They made an appearance in Buster Baxter and the letter from the Sea.