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Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day!
Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day Coverart
Game Information
Game type Minigames
Main character(s) Various
Release Date September 7th, 2000
Platform Game Boy Color

Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day! is an Arthur video game that was released in the United States for the Game Boy Color handheld console. It was released on September 7, 2000.[1]


The player guides Arthur Read around a map of Elwood City, while being able to play ten different mini-games. Each completed mini-game awards Arthur a gold star, and collecting ten stars earns Arthur a free pass to enter the amusement park Wonderworld and play an extra five mini-games. The player can play the different mini-games as many times as they want.


Elwood City[]

  • Playing basketball with Francine. Arthur must score 10 times to get a star.
  • Going berry picking at Wanda's Berry Farm. Arthur must collect 10 berries to get a star.
  • Skateboarding and picking up trash. 10 pieces are required for a star.
  • Cooking pancakes at Grandma Thora's House. 10 pancakes are required for a star.
  • Sorting candy at The Sugar Bowl. 10 candies must be sorted for a star.
  • Sorting books at the Elwood City Public Library. 10 books must be sorted to get a star.
  • Playing air hockey with Buster. Arthur must score 7 times to get a star.
  • Delivering door-to-door newspapers. Arthur must deliver 10 newspapers to get a star.
  • Diving for treasure. Arthur must collect a certain amount of treasures and then he is given a star.
  • Racing against Brain. Arthur must beat him to the finish line in order to collect a star.


Wonderworld's mini-games can not be completed and do not award stars. The player is given the choice to keep playing or quit after a certain amount of time.

  • Hitting a circle to ring a bell.
  • Bumper cars.
  • Spraying a target with water to raise a hot-air balloon.
  • Skee-Ball.
  • Throwing balls at a dunk tank target.