Arthur's April Fool

Arthur's April Fool Book Cover

Arthur's April Fool Original Cover

Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date March 30, 1983
Published by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 0316112348
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur's Halloween (1982)
Followed by
Arthur's Thanksgiving (1983)
Arthur's April Fool is the seventh book in the Arthur Adventure series. It was written and illustrated by Marc Brown and published by Little, Brown and Company on March 30, 1983. The re-illustrated cover that shows what Arthur and his friends look like today has a very similar pose to the first edition, except with his mouth open and cards inside the top hat and in his sleeve. The re-illustrated cover edition also included special-edition stickers.



  • This book is the first appearance of Binky Barnes. Although this book is his introduction in the series and he was depicted as a tough bully, he was friends with Arthur in some of the later books that were even prequels to this book's timeframe, especially Arthur's Birthday.
  • Godzilla was mentioned by Francine after she told them that they need to pick on someone their own size. Godzilla was one of Japan's most popular iconic characters of all time.
  • This book is also the first book where Arthur's 3rd Grade year with Mr. Ratburn takes place during 2nd Semester.

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