[Arthur and Francine ride their bikes to Muffy's House. When they get there, they see the workers rolling out new lawn. Then, a weedwhacker comes across]
Francine and Arthur: [gasp and run]
Francine: You think you can do it, Arthur?
Arthur: I've got to, Francine! [He heads over to the mailbox and puts in the invitation]
Muffy: Are you sure this is going to be done in time?
Millicent: Muffy, why don't you go check the mail.
Muffy: Okay. Maybe there's something for me!
Francine: Muffy's coming!
Muffy: [runs towards the mailbox]
Arthur [hides behind a tree, and then says to the viewers]: Oh no! If Muffy catches me, my entire birthday will be ruined!
[Title Card]
[Arthur is writing invitations to his friends for his birthday party. Meanwhile, D.W. comes along]
D.W.: What are you playing?
Arthur: I'm not playing. I'm writing invitations to my birthday party.
D.W. [picks up a piece of paper and begins to write]: How do you spell "party"?
Arthur: P-A-R-T-Y. Why?
D.W. [while writing on the paper]: I'm making invitations to my birthday party.
Arthur: Your birthday is not for six months!
D.W.: Yeah, but I'm gonna invite everyone! And I write slow![begins writing, then realizes her pencil broke]
[In the basement of the Read House]
Jane: [takes out the laundry. Pal snatches a towel and bites on it.] Give me that, you little scamp!
Arthur: Mom, my invitations are all written!
D.W. [with one invitation in her hand while Arthur has a majority of them notices Pal tugging on the towel]: Look at that dog! He's eating a towel! Arthur, your dog can't tell towels from food!
Arthur [picks up Pal and takes him to the calendar]: Come on, boy! I can't wait! How many days left? One, two, three... FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!
D.W.: I think it would be easier to teach him to use a calculator than to count.
Jane: Arthur? Are you ready to go buy party supplies?
Arthur: Yeah! [Everyone walks out of the basement]
[At the Party Store, Arthur and D.W. are amazed to see all the different types of party supplies on sale. They then run and explore the store.]
Arthur: WHOA!
D.W.: DOUBLE WHOA! [She then stops and notices some square balloons. Then she asks the store employee....] How do you get square balloons?
Store Employee: Blow square breaths!
D.W.: Oh.......
Jane and Arthur: [Goof around by blowing the noisemakers at eachother]
Arthur: [Continues shopping around the store and then notices a balloon in the shape of Mr. Haney's head.]
D.W. [Walks up to Arthur with unicorn plates in her hand]: Get these pretty plates, Arthur!
Arthur: No way D.W.! I'm getting these! [Shows her Bionic Bunny Plates]
D.W.: Blech!
[At Home, Everyone is sitting at the dining table. Kate puts her food all over her face then laughs.]
Grandma Thora: What kind of birthday cake should I bake?
Arthur: Chocolate!
Kate: [coos]
D.W.: See, Arthur? Even Kate agrees with me about the plates.
Jane: Have a good day at school, honey!
D.W.: And don't forget to hand out your invitations! [hands over the invitations to Arthur]
Arthur: I hope everyone can come to my party!
[At School, Arthur hands out invitations to his friends]
Arthur: Buster, can you come to my party?
Buster: Are you kidding?! Of course!
Arthur: Binky Barnes.
Binky: ME?!
Arthur: Yeah, and Francine.
Francine: Oh boy! We could play spin the bottle! [walks away. Buster, Arthur, and Francine are a little creeped out]
Binky: [whispers] It's not too late to uninvite her.
Arthur: No, I'll just do the recycling that morning so that there'll be no bottles in the house.
Arthur and Muffy (in unison): Will you come to my party?
Muffy: Sure! When is it?
Arthur: Saturday Afternoon! I can't wait!
Prunella, Sue Ellen, and Fern: [gasp]
Muffy: THIS SATURDAY?! BUT THAT'S WHEN I'M HAVING MY PARTY! [hands out her invitations] I would've handed out my invitations two days ago, but they came back late from the printer.
Arthur: [hands out his invitations to the girls] Can't you change your party to another day?
Buster: You got Pickles?! He did my cousin's wedding! He's a genius!
Students: Ooooh, Pickles!
Arthur: But I can't change my party either! All of my relatives are coming from Ohio!
Students: Ooooh, Ohio!
Muffy: Well then, everybody will just have to choose which party to attend.
[Everyone looks at their invitations and thinks about which party to attend.]
Binky: What are you thinking about?
Francine: About who's party to go to. Why? What are you thinking about?
Binky: Where's Ohio?
[Outside on the playground during recess]
Buster [while dribbling a basketball]: As boys, we have to stick together! [passes the ball to Binky]
Binky: The rabbit's right as rain!
Brain: I agree! We all go to Arthur's party!
Arthur: But what about the girls?
Buster: Ah, who needs girls?
Muffy: Who needs boys? Anyone who doesn't come to my party can't be my friend anymore!
Francine: But a party won't be fun without the boys!
Coach Grimslid: [blows whistle] Come here kids! [everyone rushes to a rope for tug of war] Let's choose sides for a tug of war! Muffy, you be one captain! Buster, you be the other! Muffy, choose your first player!
Muffy [chooses the girls]: This team looks good to me!
Buster [angrily]: That's fine!
Coach Grimslid: Okay then, the team that pulls the other team over this line wins! [blows whistle]
[Everyone pulls the rope and Muffy and Buster argue verbally]
Binky: Come on guys, pull! [then ties the rope to his waist]
Prunella: [ties the other part of the rope to the playground set, but then the rope breaks]
Arthur: I guess nobody wins.
[At Mrs. Powers Ice Cream Shop]
Arthur: Everybody's really starting to hate each other.
Francine: This is just terrible Arthur! What's a party without boys?!
Buster: [makes a raspberry while pulling down his ears to the girls]
Muffy, Prunella, and Fern: [make a raspberry]
Arthur: I wish you could come to my party.
Francine: I promised Muffy. How can I go to both?
Arthur: Wait a minute! I have an idea! [whispers in Francine's ear]
Francine: That's a great idea, Arthur!!
Arthur: Shhh! But we have to keep it secret!
[At the Treehouse. Arthur and Francine are re-writing the invitations]
Francine: Let me write them. It has to look like Muffy's handwriting.
Arthur: Okay, but be sure that there's one for all the girls. I'll write the note to Muffy myself. [begins writing]
[Back at home, Arthur shows the revised invitation to his parents]
David: That's a very good plan! I wish I'd thought of it!
Arthur: Francine and I will deliver them first thing in the morning!
[Arthur and Francine put the revised invitations in the mailboxes. Then we see Francine put another invitation go through a door slip.]
Francine: Okay, it's in!
[After going through everyone.]
Arthur: All that's left is....
Arthur and Francine (in unison): Muffy!
[Repeat opening scene]
Francine: You think you can do it Arthur?
Arthur: I've got to, Francine! [walks to the mailbox]
Francine: [gasps] DUCK!
Duck Worker: [quack]
Arthur: [hides until the coast is clear. He then proceeds to the mailbox and puts the invitation in the mailbox.]
Muffy: Are you sure this is going to be done in time for my big party?
Millicent: Muffy, why don't you go check the mail.
Muffy: Okay. Maybe I got more presents!
Francine: Muffy's coming!
Muffy: [runs towards the mailbox]
Arthur: [hides behind a tree]
Muffy: [walks to the mailbox and notices a note from Arthur] MOMMY! I GOT A NOTE FROM ARTHUR!
Arthur: [now is hidden in the lawn]
Francine: [laughs]
Arthur: [covered in mud] Let's go!
[Back at home, Arthur's relatives have already arrived.]
David: Just in time for your favourite!
Aunt Bonnie: With maple syrup all the way from Ohio!
Cousin George [with a present in his hands]: Happy birthday, Arthur! Guess what it is?
Arthur: Uhhhh....
Cousin George: It's a chemistry set!
Arthur [in disbelief]: Oh, thanks.
[Everyone is setting up party decorations]
Jane: Time for birthday kisses! [kisses Arthur on the head]
Grandma Thora: And 8 birthday hugs! [hugs Arthur]
D.W.: And a pinch to grow an inch! [laughs, then chases Arthur around. Meanwhile, the doorbell rings.]
David: [answers the door to let the Brain and Buster in, as they are carrying their presents to Arthur]
Brain: [notices Prunella coming to the door, also with a present in her hands] Hey, what's she doing here?!
Buster: And here comes Francine too!
Francine: [giggles as Binky and Sue Ellen enter the house]
Sue Ellen: Am I at the right place?
Arthur: Yeah, come in!
Francine: It's a surprise for Muffy!
Brain: It's a surprise for all of us! [David closes the door as everyone walks in]
[The grandfather clock strikes 12 Noon]
Arthur: Everyone find a place to hide! Muffy will be here any minute!
Buster: What did you say in your note to Muffy?
Arthur: I said, "I have a special present for you. It's so big that I can't carry it by myself. Please come to my house at noon to get it!" [doorbell rings]
Francine: Shhhhhhh! [Arthur opens the door]
Muffy: I'm here for my present!
Arthur: I told you your present was too big to carry!
Francine: What's a birthday party without ALL of your friends?
[All the guests cheer and get party hats, except for Muffy, who gets a party crown.]
[Then everyone plays limbo while the Brain and D.W. hold the limbo stick. Binky falls down trying to go under the limbo stick and Kate crawls right past him. David picks up Kate and everyone cheers.]
[Afterwards, everyone plays piñata where Buster and Francine take whacks. However, the piñata does not break.]
David: Maybe I better help you out. [hits the piñata hard. Everyone giggles, but then look shocked when he gets the hammer. David then hits the hammer and everyone runs around cheering and blowing noisemakers.]
[The cake is brought out.]
Muffy: This is great! We should do this every year! Thank you everybody!
Jane: Next year we'll do it at your house.
Francine: Time to open your presents! I picked this out especially for you! [gives the present to Arthur] You have to promise me you'll use it right away!
Arthur: [opens the present] Sure, I can't wait!
Everyone: [gasps]
Francine: Let me show you how it works. [spins the bottle, lands on Pal.]
Everyone: [laughs as Pal kisses Francine. Francine then pets him]
David: [outside trying to open the piñata with a chainsaw]
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