Arthur's Birthday Surprise
Arthurs Birthday Surprise
Author Marc Brown
Publication date April 7, 2004
Published by LB Kids
ISBN 0316733792
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur to the Rescue
Followed by
Arthur's Heart Mix-Up

Arthur's Birthday Surprise is an 8x8 book.


Arthur and his family are decorating for D.W.'s birthday party when the doorbell rings. D.W. answers and welcomes her guests, Emily and Timmy and Tommy Tibble. Everyone sings to D.W., they eat cake, and D.W. unwraps her presents, but she watches outside the window expecting Mary Moo Cow to visit.

David answers the phone and tells D.W. that Mary Moo Cow is unable to attend her party. D.W. thinks that her party is ruined, but David says that they can still have fun and sets up a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Mary Moo Cow suddenly appears to entertain them: she pulls Pal out of a hat, stands on a stool with one foot, and gives them rides.

D.W., Emily, and the Tibbles all have fun at the party. After the guests leave, Arthur reveals that he was Mary Moo Cow. D.W. says that he did a bad Mary Moo Cow imitation, but it was the best present she got all day.



  • The back cover of this book has a "Pin the Tail on Mary Moo Cow" board game.
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