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This article is a stub. You can help Arthur Wiki by expanding it. Arthur's Camping Adventure is a video game released in 2000 by the Learning Company and Co-Distributed by Mattel Interactive.



This gives children a chance to join Arthur and the rest of Mr. Ratburn's class on a camping trip. Unfortunately, Mr. Ratburn sprains his ankle - badly - and it's up to Arthur to save the day. Players will climb mountains, travel through forests, find hidden surprises, and lead the class to safety. Activities include pitching a tent, navigating rockslides, river crossings, exploring a spooky cabin, mazes, and building rescue devices. Children can interact with characters, develop critical thinking skills, and enjoy the introduction to wildlife science. The 21 environments include 30 printable scenes and 40 hidden surprises.

Ideas to survive in nature

  • Signal Mirror
  • Radio
  • Kite

Useful Items

  1. A Saw: Found lying on a fence by the waterfall. You have to use it to saw down the fallen down tree that's blocking the door to the shed.
  2. A Stick shaped like a hook: Found on the ground in front of an uprooted tree.
  3. A Screwdriver: Found in the shed. You have to use it to fix the third ladder step to the fire tower.
  4. A Rope: Found dangling on a tree above the Rockslide. You have to use the Hook stick to get it.
  5. A Key: Found on a hook outside of the outhouse, you have to use it to unlock the abandoned house.
  6. An Oar: Found in the abandoned house. Used as a lever to move a very heavy crate
  7. A Dinosaur Fossil: Found on the rocks
  8. The Food Bag: Found in a cave next to a couple of raccoons taking a nap. You need to use the hook shaped stick to grab it.


  1. River crossing: Arthur needs to get across the river to get to the other side. help him get across but make sure he keeps his balance or he'll fall into the water.
  2. Canoeing: Drive Arthur and Buster around the river to get to the other side. But Watch out for Rocks and Logs.
  3. Flashlight game: Guide Arthur around the passage to the other side. but make sure he does not run into the rocks
  4. Cliff Jump: Arthur needs to get to the top. Help him jump up using some stone ledges. Avoid the falling rocks and be careful, some of the ledges are very unstable.


  • The only useful item that is used twice is the stick shaped like a hook.
  • The characters controlled by the person playing the game are Arthur and Buster.
  • D.W. gives you all the instructions on how to play all the games.