Arthur Read: It's a typical Monday morning in the Read's house.

Kate Read: (crying)

Arthur: Sometimes I wish I live in a quieter place.

D.W. Read: The circus is coming. The circus is coming. The circus is coming.

Arthur: I'm in the middle of the marching band.

D.W.: Didn't you hear me? The circus is coming. It only six more days. (bangs a pot cover which annoys Arthur)

David Read: All right. That's enough.

D.W.: But Dad. The circus is coming.

Jane Read: Just a minute, Carol. We heard you honey. Several times

Arthur: It's not that I'm not exited about the circus.

Art Class

Arthur Read: It's just that the circus isn't until Saturday, and besides, I'm feeling a little funny,


Title Card: D.W. Chases the Toad


WRITER: Kathy Waugh --- STORYBOARD ARTIST: Russel Crispin

D.W.: Wait! Come back!

Binky Barnes: (voice-over) Arthur's Chicken Pox!

Art Class 2

(Binky growls)

Buster Baxter: (gasps) Hey, thanks!

Muffy Crosswire: Ms. Bryan, Sue Ellen is making her trees the wrong color!

Sue Ellen: Oh.

Ms. Bryan: But these are lovely. It doesn't matter what colors you used. See, Arthur's elephants are blue.

Muffy: Hmm.

Arthur: (Gasps; Screams) Oh, No. (Screaming as he accidentally bumped into Francine)

Francine Frensky: Watch it.

Arthur: Blue elephant.

Nurse's Office

Ms. Flynn: Now, What's all this about blue elephants? (puts a thermometer in Arthur's mouth)

Francine: Are you sick?

Muffy: Is it contagious?

Buster: Did you throw up yet?

Ms. Flynn: Shhhhh. Don't you worry. With a little rest and quiet, You'll be good as new.

Living room

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