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This article is about the game. You may be looking for the episode, the book, the VHS or the DVD.
Arthur's Computer Adventure
Game Information
Game type Living Book
Main character(s) Arthur, Buster and D.W.
Release Date 1998 (CD-Rom) / October 16, 2023 (Steam)
Platform CD-Rom / Downloadable (Steam)

Arthur's Computer Adventure is a video game by Living Books. The game is based on the book "Arthur's Computer Disaster", which was based on an episode of the TV show, "Arthur the Wrecker".


Join Arthur, D.W., and friends on this hilarious adventure filled with 5 excited learning activities and 13 surprises and puzzles. Your kids will develop reading, math, and logic skills while having terrific fun with Arthur! Don't miss this journey with Arthur into the "Deep, Dark Sea!" Kids Learn: Reading, Math, Logic, Vocabulary, Computer Skills, Creativity, Ocean Facts and Geography.