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Arthur's Eyes (book)
Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date September 19, 1979
Published by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 9780316110693
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur's Nose (1976)
Followed by
Arthur's Valentine (1980)

Arthur's Eyes is the second book in the Arthur Adventure book series. The book was written and illustrated by Marc Brown. It was first published in 1979, and it was reprinted in 1996 (the same year the episode and the television series premiered) with a re-illustrated cover, but use the same illustrations from the first edition.


It tells the story of Arthur getting his first pair of glasses, and learning to be proud to wear them. He is teased by his classmates (especially Francine) and embarrassed of having to wear glasses. He soon learns that wearing them improves his school performance, and ultimately leads to his acceptance by his classmates and is happy.


  • This is Buster, Fern, Maria, Bionic Bunny, Mr. Marco, Mr. Haney, and possibly Jenna's first appearance in the Arthur book series.
  • This is a flashback to Arthur’s second grade year, both in the book and in the episode.
  • Arthur's parents make their first in-person appearances in this book, having previously only appeared in family picture frames in the first book.
  • This is the first time Arthur (or anyone in the Read family) wears pants and shoes.
  • In the living room scene, where Arthur and his family are watching television, the family is shown to have a pet cat. This is the only appearance of the cat and it is unknown if it appears in more Arthur books.
  • In 1983, Arthur's Eyes was read on the PBS program Reading Rainbow by Bill Cosby, thirteen years before "Arthur's Eyes" aired. In that episode, extra scenes of Arthur hiding his glasses in his lunchbox and Arthur making 10 baskets in gym were added
  • Francine's clothes look similar to Arthur's clothes when Arthur accidentally walks into the girls' restroom.
  • This is the final Arthur book to be published in the 1970s decade.


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