Arthur's Family Values is a series of Arthur book releases. The books were published by Advance Publishers, L.C. in or around 2001 and each is focused around teaching a specific moral, such as "Keeping a Promise" or "Generosity." Although the front covers of the titles give the name of Marc Brown, each title was actually written and illustrated by a different author and illustrator. Despite this, the general behavior and interests of the characters seems to largely match that as seen within the television series.


  1. Arthur's Promise (Nancy Parent / Kurt Heli)
  2. Manners Matter (K. Emily Hutta / Judy Nelson)
  3. Queen for a Day (Nancy Parent / Judy Nelson)
  4. Try It, You'll Like It!
  5. The Truth Pops Out (K. Emily Hutta / Judy Nelson)
  6. Sir Arthur to the Rescue (Sheryl Burk / Judy Nelson & Kurt Heli)
  7. Volunteer of the Year (K Emily Hutta / Judy Nelson)
  8. Buried Treasure
  9. Arthur's Science Project
  10. Arthur the Brave (Sheryl Burk / Chu-Ying Chow)
  11. Arthur Loses His Patience (K. Emily Hutta / Chu-Ying Chow)
  12. What a Mess!
  13. Arthur's in Charge
  14. Arthur Flips!
  15. D.W. Saves the Day
  16. The Good Sport
  17. Say Cheese!
  18. Arthur's Lost Duckling


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