Arthur's Giving & Keeping Game
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Game type Educational
Release Date 2017
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Arthur's Giving & Keeping Game is an educational online game. It is part of the "Being a Friend" series, and the topic is "Generosity".


Arthur has to split things between himself and his friends. There is no goal, as choices do not affect the following rounds. However, the game asks question about why the player chose as he did and how the others would feel about his choices.


Arthur is asked to share eight of Chuck's Chocolates with Buster, Francine and Binky. In Round 1 he has eight chocolates, which can be divided evenly. In Round 2 he has five chocolates and in Round 3 three chocolates, which means somebody has to get less than the others.


Arthur is asked to share four dollars with Buster, Francine and Binky. In Round 1 all his friends forgot their money. In Round 2 Arthur needs three dollars himself, Francine forgot her money at home, Buster lost his and Binky spent his.


All kids have to rake leaves. In Round 1 Arthur is finished and has two free hours to read or help his friends. Binky did not rake the day before, and his parents will not let him play soccer if he does not do it today. In Round 2 Arthur has only one hour which he needs to spend raking if he wants to go biking the next day. Francine wants to help her elderly neighbor rake his yard, while Binky and Buster have to rake their own yards.



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