Arthur Read: Sometimes stuff happens, and you wonder if it'll turn out good or bad. Like when it's your turn at bat. Will you hit a home run or be thrown out at first?

Francine Frensky: Steady, steady, eye on the ball.

Arthur: At lunch, will the cafeteria be serving pizza or mystery meat?

Binky Barnes: Ha ha! I won! Now you have to smell my gym socks.

Rattles: Oh yeah? Smell this!

Arthur: Sometimes you just have no idea what's going to happen.

Muffy: (gasps)

Francine: Way to go!

Buster Baxter: Huh?

Arthur: So far, so good!

Francis Haney: Arthur Read, please report to the office immediately.

(Arthur gasps)

(Title Card)


Written by: Sheilarae Carpentier Lau --- Storyboard by: Nelson Dewey and Gary Scott

(Bird sings, thunder crashes)

Francine: (V.O.) Arthur's Mystery Envelope.

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Arthur believes he has failed a history test. He has a “Wizard of Oz”-like fantasy.

Buster: You know what they say, Arthur. Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.


Arthur: It’s gonna keep bothering me until I get this over with. Please don’t let it be summer school.

Mrs. Read is reading on the couch.

Arthur: Hm-hm. Do you have a second, Mom?

Mrs. Read: For you, Arthur, two seconds.

Arthur: Um, I was supposed to do something right away when I got home from school today, but I was worried I might be in trouble, so I didn’t do it, and now I’m afraid you’re gonna get mad.

Mrs. Read: Whoa, slow down, Arthur. What is it? I won’t get mad.    Arthurs hands her the envelope.

Arthur: Here. This is for you.     Mrs. Read opens the envelope.

Mrs. Read: Oh, here it is. Arthur, I’ve been waiting for this!

Arthur: You said you wouldn’t get mad.

Mrs. Read: Sorry, I’m – I’m not mad, just frustrated. I’ve been trying to reach Herb all day.

Arthur: But this is from Mr. Haney.

Mrs. Read: That’s his first name, sweetie.

Arthur: Oh, Mom?

Mrs. Read: Mm, what?

Arthur: What’s in it?

Mrs. Read: Tax documents.

Arthur: It has nothing to do with me?

Mrs. Readamused:  Did you think it was about you?

Arthur: Hh, of course not.  (laughs)     They hug.

Mrs. Read:  Even if this was about you, I need to know. Dad and I can’t help you, if we don’t know you have a problem.

Arthur: I guess.

Mrs. Read:  Now back to bed, honey. It’s late.  

Arthur goes to the door and opens it. D.W., who has been eavesdropping, falls into the room. Arthur looks annoyed.

D.W.: (laughs nervously)  So, what’s it gonna be? Are you being grounded for a year? Are you gonna have to do all my chores from now on?

Mrs. Read:  Back to bed, you two.    The children go upstairs.

D.W.: Are you moving into the garage? Is Pal moving into the garage with you?

Arthur: Aww.

D.W.: Do I get your room?

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