"Arthur's New Friend"

Arthur's New Friend .... ANDY!!

Arthur's New Friend TC

Original Airdate: Flag of the United States April 25, 2000
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
"Special: Arthur's Perfect Christmas"

Arthur's New Friend is a video produced by Kideo.

Product description

"Winner of the iParenting Media award, Arthur will star with your child in the first ever photo personalized DVD! Watch your child, Arthur, DW, Buster, and the Gang as they remember the time they planned a special party for your child! Experience the adventures that your child goes on with Arthur and hear him say your child’s name again and again!"[1]


The intro starts with Arthur looking for his photo album in his drawers and under the bed. Then D.W. shows up and tells Arthur it's time to read Hopalong The Frog to her because he had promised. Then D.W. notices the viewers and tells them maybe they read Hopalong the Frog. Arthur then tells her to go bug Mom and Dad, he and gives her his pizza slice. After D.W. leaves, Arthur finds his scrapbook and shows the viewers pictures of him with Pal and the President. He also showed them one picture of his new friend and remembers that day.

After the title card, Arthur gets a letter from the mailman saying his new friend is coming. So he decides to give a party. At school, Buster suggests a space-themed party, and Muffy suggests a medieval-themed party. Francine suggests a sports party, Sue Ellen suggests a karate party, Binky suggests a music party, and Mr. Ratburn suggests a book of Brain Teasers. After school, Brain suggests a day with his new friend. At home, Arthur starts to worry about his decisions on what to do. Then his friends show up and get ready for the party. Even David makes a chocolate cake. Then Arthur's new friend shows up, and D.W. takes a picture.

We shift back to the opening scene and Arthur thanks his new friend for a good time. Then D.W. comes in and plays the song F-U-N by Mary Moo Cow, which annoys Arthur, and the show ends with Arthur chasing D.W.


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  • During the real party, Binky is playing the Arthur theme song, "Believe in Yourself", on the kazoo.

Cultural references

  • During Buster's "Space Party" fantasy, Brain's costume resembles Spock from Star Trek.
  • Binky's costume for the "Space Party" was Saturn.
  • Muffy says that if the other guests do not like her party idea, Arthur should "let them eat cake", a phrase commonly misattributed to Marie Antoinette.
  • Binky's music ideas are "Mozart's duet for clarinet and xylophone" and "Beethoven's concerto for 20 kazoos".

Episode connections


  • When Arthur shows us a picture of him meeting the president, he is in his regular clothes.
  • During the song, "Party in Space", Arthur, Buster and You still breathe in space without their helmets which would be impossible because they might dehydrate in space.

Production notes

  • Philip Penalosa provided Arthur's singing voice for this episode. He would be singing once again for songs in Arthur's Perfect Christmas.
  • This special is different from the first 75 episodes of Arthur, because this special lasts 18 minutes.
  • This is the first Arthur production to feature Steven Crowder as the Brain. He continued to voice him throughout seasons 5 and 6.


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