Arthur Read: The year is almost over, Pal. It's time to put up my new calendar!

(Pal barking)

Arthur: When you look really hard, you see a 3D picture. Well, we have all year to work on it. My mom and dad have always said I'm too young to stay up till midnight on New Year's Eve.


Arthur: (V.O.) But three years ago, I tried, and I fell asleep at 8:00 and missed it.

(Flashback #2)

Arthur: (V.O.) Then two years ago, I stayed awake longer — till 10:17.

(Flashback #3)

Arthur: (V.O.) And last year, I found a way guaranteed to keep me awake until midnight.

(Back to the present)

Arthur: I've solved that problem this year. I'm not staying up at all.



Writer: Joe Fallon --- Storyboard Artist: Darren Brereton

D.W. Read: Wait! Come back!

Francine Frensky: (V.O.) Arthur's New Year's Eve.

(We now return to the story)

Arthur: Happy New Year, Pal. And next year, we're going to see the green flash, and the wrestling, and the New Year's police and the giant mule...


Mrs. Read: Your father and I are going out tonight for New Year’s Eve.

D.W.: How come I can’t go to the New Year’s Eve Party?

Mrs. Read: Grandma Thora’s babysitting. You guys will have a great time.

D.W.: I get to stay up until midnight, right?

Mrs. Read: You’re too young, D.W.

D.W.: How can I always be too young? It’s like I never get any older.  What if I’m trapped in some sort of time-warp and I’ll never get any older? Is that my fault?

Mrs. Read: Arthur? You have our permission to stay up until midnight this year.

Arthur: That’s okay. I don’t want to.

D.W.: He must be sick.    She feels Arthur’s forehead.    I’ll stay up for him.

Mrs. Read: You can stay up when you're Arthur's age, D.W..    She leaves the room.

D.W.: But I’ll never be Arthur’s age. He's always gonna be three years older than me!

D.W. tries to block Arthur’s way as he goes down the stairs.

D.W.: Why don’t you wanna stay up? What are you really up to, Arthur?

Arthur: Why should I stay up? What’s there to see?

D.W.: Hm!   Arthur puts on his coat.   Don't you want to see if there’s nothing to see?

Arthur: I'm too mature to care anymore.    He goes outside.

D.W.: Yeah, right.   Mum, what does "mature" mean?


Arthur: Have you ever stayed up till midnight?

Buster: No, but my cousin told me wher the grown-ups all go. They all go to this big meeting where they talk about the rotten things they did to kids all year.     

We see a fantasy of the meeting.

Father: I told my kids that spinach is good for them, but everyone knows we just like to watch the funny faces they make when they eat it. Yuck!

Parents: (laugh)

Buster: And they plan more awful things to make kids do next year.

Mother: Okay everyone. Do we all agree that no allowance shall be increased this year?

Parents: (applause, cheers)   

Fantasy ends.

Arthur: That's better than your theory last year. About the aliens.

Buster: Who do you think is in charge of the big meeting?

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