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Arthur's Park
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Game Information
Game type Trivia
Main character(s) Various
Release Date September 26, 2019
Platform Online

Arthur's Park is an Arthur online game on the PBS Kids website. It was released on September 26, 2019.


Arthur wants to turn a dirty, empty lot into a park.

In the board game portion of the game, the player must roll a die to move Arthur to the end of a board. Arthur may land on spaces that either give him something to furnish the park with, a Good Day space that earns him a star, a Bad Day space that takes away a star, or a helping space that tells the player something Arthur is doing to help the community.

Next, Arthur gives a speech. The player must choose the correct words to fit in his speech; for example, if Arthur talks about planting something for shade, the correct answer is "trees." The player gets a star for each correct answer given.

For the next section, the player must drag trash and recyclables into a bin that Arthur is holding to clean up the park.

The board game portion repeats, and when Arthur reaches the end of the board, a bake sale minigame begins. Customers place their orders, which the player must repeat. When the time limit is up, the player is given stars based on how many orders they fulfilled correctly.

The last part of the game is a shop in which the player can spend their stars. Items cost between one to three stars, with the larger objects being more expensive.

The player can then place their items in the park, along with characters. When they are finished, their park is shown in an issue of the Elwood City Times, and they may play the game again.




Unused content

/img/title.jpg is an early title screen, titled Make Arthur's Park; this may be a play on MacArthur Park. This is the only file located in the directory, with the rest of the game using /images/ instead.



Game scenes

"Good Day" card images