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Arthur's Pet Follies is a DVD released on January 27, 2004 with a season 3 episode, a season 4 episode, and a season 1 episode.

Arthurs Pet Follies DVD


Opening and Closing.

The DVD opens and closes with the following.

At the beginning it has the

  1. FBI Warnings
  2. Sony Wonder logo (1995)
  3. Random House Home Video logo
  4. DVD Menu
  5. Arthur Theme Song
  6. Start of episode Francine and the Feline

At the end it has the

  1. Last few seconds of So Long, Spanky
  2. And Now a Word from Us Kids segment
  3. Arthur Website bumper
  4. Arthur End Credits (Season 4)
  5. Arthur Funding
  6. Libby's Juicy Juice commercial
  7. Post Alpha Bits commercial (even though it sponsors Teddy Grahams on the back cover)
  8. Chuck E Cheese commercial
  9. Arthur Funding (Season 7 with concord grape purple polka dot background) (Seasons 1-4 Re runs version)
  10. PBS Kids logo (Dot Transformation)
  11. Kideo commercial
  12. DVD Menu
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