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Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix

The most recent album of the series is Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix. Some songs were based on episodes, for example, "Fern's Detective Tango" which was based on the episode "Binky Rules." Each song on the album features a different musical style.


  • This features a remix of the theme song, "Believe In Yourself," which a portion of the song is featured in the credits of Season 6.
  • This album is available for download on Rhapsody. However, the tags have been mislabeled, and say this was an album by the deceased Boston Pops Orchestra conductor, Arthur Fiedler.
  • The album cover, illustrated by author Marc Brown has Francine's barrettes colored yellow like in the cartoon show, although most of Marc Brown's illustrations color Francine's barrettes red.
  • The album was originally released on September 11, 2001, the same day that the devastating terrorist attacks on buildings in several US cities occurred.
  • Despite singing well in Sue Ellen's Lost Diary in this album Sue Ellen claims she can't sing.


  1. "Believe in Yourself (Arthur Theme Remix)" (Dance Remix)
  2. "I Don't Want to Wake Up" (Francine, Rhythm and Blues)
  3. "Pop Quiz from Ratburn" (Mr. Ratburn, and Class, Children's Folk Song - "Pop Goes the Weasel")
  4. "Has Anybody Seen My Invisible Friend?" (D.W., Zydeco)
  5. "Two Sides of the Story" (Dad, Mom, Arthur, D.W., Pal; Country Western, Based on "Arthur's Family Feud")
  6. "I Can't Snap My Fingers" (Buster, Jazz)
  7. "Fly, Butterfly, Fly!" (Binky, Swing, Based on "Binky Barnes, Wingman!")
  8. "D.W.'s Brass in Pocket" (D.W., Classic rock, Cover of The Pretenders' "Brass in Pocket")
  9. "Elwood City: A Report" (Buster, Jazz)
  10. "Muffy's Soccer Song" (Muffy, World, Based on "Muffy's Soccer Shocker")
  11. "My Brain" (Buster, New Orleans Rock)
  12. "Only the Frensky" (Francine and Friends, Jazz)
  13. "Mrs. Wha-cha-ma-call-it" (D.W., Psychedelic Rock)
  14. "Fern's Detective Tango" (Fern and Binky, Based on "Binky Rules")
  15. "My Echo Doesn't Sound Like Me" (Arthur, Blues)
  16. "Goldilocks and The Bears Trio as Told by Sue Ellen" (Sue Ellen & Friends, Traditional story, Based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears)