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Arthur's Sand Castle Contest is a 2003 Video Game by the Learning Company.



Build the ultimate sandcastle with Arthur! Dig into creative fun with Arthur at the beach! When Arthur enters a sand castle contest during a trip to the beach he’ll need your help to design and build a masterpiece. Help him and The Brain build the greatest sand castle ever so Arthur can win first prize! Watch out though - it's not as simple as it seems.  Along the way you’ll encounter pinching crabs hot sand and a host of other tricky challenges. Join Arthur for a day at the beach filled with surf sand and creative challenge. In this whimsical game of fun-in-the-sun you’ll build more than just a sand castle – you’ll build your imagination too! Skills Learned Critical Thinking Creativity Problem Solving Fun Activities Included Build-A-Castle Machine: Collect parts for The Brain's special castle-building machine. Find the Way: Help Arthur cross the hot sand! Create A Winning Castle: Follow a diagram or design your own! Product Features Stretch your imagination and problem-solving skills in four exciting activities. Progress through three levels of creative challenge. Build your own sand castle with easy step-by-step instructions. Even print out a newspaper story about your beach creation! Featuring all the wit and charm that have made Arthur a kids’ favorite for years Arthur’s Sand Castle Contest promises hours of stimulating challenging play. Four distinct activities and multiple levels of challenge keep the game fresh every time.