Arthur's Science Project
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Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date June 28, 2001
Published by Advance Publishers, L.C.
Publication Order
Preceded by
Buried Treasure
Followed by
Arthur the Brave

Arthur's Science Project is the eighth book in Arthur's Family Values, a series of Arthur book titles aimed specifically at teaching morals. The moral of the book is "Being True to Yourself."


When Arthur's mom takes over his science project, Arthur has to figure out how to make one on his own!


Friday afternoon, Arthur, Buster, Francine, and Muffy glumly talk to each other about a science project that is due on Monday. At home, Arthur tells his father about the project and how he already has it all planned out. Arthur's mother immediately draws up her own plan and takes Arthur to the hardware store to buy supplies. When they return home, Mom paints each of the planets. Arthur's friends come over and Mom shows them the finished project. Arthur calls Buster on the phone and asks him what to do, but he has no ideas. Arthur imagines he and his mother are astronauts, and that she is painting the planets different colors. Back in reality, Arthur makes his own project: a mobile. His mother apologises for getting carried away and jokes that they can turn in both projects so they both get extra credit.



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