Cold Opening

The episode starts with Arthur talking about what people would have on a island.

Arthur: Ever wonder what you'd like to have with you if you were trapped on a desert island?

The shot goes far away from Arthur so we see the full shot of Arthur on the whole island.

Arthur: I'd have my favorite books, Pal, of course, and a Soccer Ball

A Soccer Ball falls out of the sky and Arthur catches it.

Arthur throws the Soccer Ball to Pal.

Pal's head bumps the Soccer Ball into the ocean.

Pal: Bark!

Arthur: *groans*

Arthur: (off-screen) Buster would probably just want some snacks and maybe some to tell jokes.

The camera goes right and also shows Buster eating food and drinking drinks and the person telling jokes.

Joke Teller: I used to be a safe driver. I really did! But I gave it up. Who wants to drive a safe?

The camera show the Joke Teller's back side while Buster laughs.

Buster: *laughs*

Buster take a sip of a soda and a bite of a chocolate bar.

Buster: Mmmmm...

The camera changes to Buster, to a Palm Tree by the ocean.

Arthur: (off-screen) I'm sure Muffy would have a variant accessories.

The camera goes left and show Muffy.

Muffy jumps off the diving board.

Muffy: Wa-whoooo!

Muffy dives into the ocean and water splashes all over the screen.

Bailey comes to the scene and brings Muffy a towel and some OJ.

Bailey gives Muffy the towel.

Muffy takes the OJ.

Muffy: Aaaaahhh...

The camera show Muffy, to a Palm Tree.

Arthur: I know what Mr. Ratburn would take with him.... Us...

The scene shows The Brain, Arthur, Fern, Buster, and Binky, sitting in there desks in the ocean while Mr. Ratburn is standing on the island

Mr. Ratburn: If Arthur has 6 coconuts, and Buster has 8 coconuts, then how many coconut would Francine have?

The camera goes to Mr. Ratburn, to a sunset on Arthur's island.

Arthur walks to the sunset.

Arthur: But I bet one thing we'll all want on a desert island...

The camera show Arthur on the whole island.

Arthur turns on the TV.

Bionic Bunny: (off-screen) Stay tuned for another exciting episode of The Bionic Bunny Show!

The TV Shows Bionic Bunny along with The Bionic Bunny Show logo.

Arthur has a Bionic Bunny look in his eyes.

Arthur: (in zombie tone) TV........

We see a saddle light dish on a Palm Tree above Arthur's Head.

The screen turn blacker by each frame.

The title card appers.

Binky: Arthur's TV-Free Week.

A Frog hops and Pal chases it.

D.W. and and Arthur run.

D.W. has a newpaper in her hand

Binky Barnes: Hey, you guys.

Buster: You bet!

: Uh, Buster, It's TV-Free Week, remember. You can't watch T.V. for a whole week.

Buster: I can't


Binky: No way! This contest is for I mean, What's more important? T.V. or a stupid little badge.


Mr. Ratburn has received a parcel full of video cassettes.

Mr. Ratburn: Ah, all ten episodes of Masterpiece Theater’s “The Life and Fortunes of Dewey Decimal”. I can hardly wait…   He looks at his TV set, then puts the cassette back.    … another week.


In the school cafeteria the kids discuss their experiences with no TV.

Arthur: Then D.W. sang “Old McDonald had a Farm” for a whole hour.

Francine: I never found out who won. Too much static.

Muffy: I have it the hardest. We have a hundred and seventy channels that I can’t watch.   Buster joins them.

Buster: Hi, guys. Great day, huh? Boy, was math class fun!

Arthur+Francine:  exchange looks    Hm.

Arthur: Buster, how was your first night without TV?

Buster: Great. I didn’t even miss it.    He sees Binky and falls on his knees.    Ple-e-ease! Tell me what happened on Bionic Bunny. I haven’t slept all night. Please. Please. Please.

Binky: Em. Lots of stuff.

Buster: Lots of stuff. Did you hear that, Arthur? Lots of stuff happened and we missed it!

Francine: We’re going to have to keep an eye on him.

Arthur: Too bad he doesn’t have a little sister.


Mr. Read is wearing a suit of armor.

Mr. Read: Does anyone know if it’s going to rain? I don’t want to rust.  He turns on the TV. 

D.W.: Dad! What are you doing??    He turns off the TV.

Mr. Read: Oh dear. I’m sorry.

D.W.: My own father!

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