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This article is about the game. You may be looking for the book, the episode, Arthur's Spelling Trubble, the VHS, or the DVD.
Arthur's Teacher Trouble
Arthur's Teacher Trouble LB Cover
Game Information
Game type Living Book
Main character(s) Arthur
Mr. Ratburn
Release Date October 1, 1992
October 16, 2023 (Steam)
Platform CD-Rom
Downloadable (Steam)

Arthur's Teacher Trouble is a Living Books animated storybook computer game based on the book. It was first released on October 1, 1992. It was re-released a number of times to in order to remain compatible with later operating systems. The latest version was labeled "Windows XP Compatible".

The game marks the first time Arthur characters were animated and voiced, four years prior to the cartoon.


Like most Living Books games, the narrator reads the story out loud and the player can play mini-games to get clues about the book. Also, if you click objects in the background, they make an animation.


See Arthur's Teacher Trouble

Differences from the book[]

  • Many details were removed in order to simplify the animation process.
  • On the first page, there are two classroom doors, with the second one being shown 1/4. Also, the perspective is a few inches higher where people's feet can never be seen.
  • The word "FIRE ALARM" on the red school bell was removed in order to simplify animation process.
  • The things on the bulletin board in the hallway are different than in the book.
  • On the second page, Prunella is looking in her locker before closing it and telling everyone she had Mr. Ratburn when she was in third grade; although in the book, she did not go through her locker.
  • In Arthur's imagination of being put on death row, he has on red and white horizontal stripes instead of black and white stripes.
  • In Arthur's imagination of Mr. Ratburn as a vampire, Arthur's eyes twirl, his sweater is teal instead of yellow, and the background is blue instead of gray.
  • The names on the SPELLING AWARD trophy are removed.
  • When Arthur comes home from school, Jane is mixing the cookie dough; although in the book, she was shown to open up the oven to take out the cookies.
  • While Arthur is doing working on his project of Africa using cookie dough, he is wearing blue pajamas like in the cartoon that aired later; but in the book, he was wearing yellow and red striped pajamas.
  • In Arthur's room, a green stuffed dragon is added to his work desk.
  • Also in Arthur's room, a record player on the shelf replaces a box of books, a tall cylinder can, and a toy car.
  • D.W. can be seen giving Arthur words to study while he's in his tree house, and she tells him their mom found more words for him to study; but the text never said in the book about D.W. giving Arthur additional words to study.
  • On Page 11, when the player clicks on the Next Page arrow, Mr. Ratburn says "Pencils down, please. Pass your papers to the front," which he never said in the book.
  • After Mr. Ratburn confirms that Arthur and the Brain have been selected for the Spellathon since they both spelled every word correctly, when Muffy intervenes by saying "There must be some mistake", she is standing still. In the book, Muffy was shown trying to reach over.
  • Also, on that page, when Francine hiccups, her "movie star" glasses are still worn where they should be. However, in the book, they appear to have jumped up to her forehead.
  • Sue Ellen has blonde hair instead of orange, as the book showed her.
  • D.W. also has blonde hair instead of brown, as the book showed her.
  • The wording on the tag on the basket of fruits from Muffy that said "FOR: MR. RATBURN, FROM: MUFFY CROSSWIRE" is shortened to "FROM: MUFFY".
  • The unnamed rabbit girl has brown hair instead of gray.
  • While Arthur is in the spellathon, he is wearing a red sweater instead of a yellow one, and a blue bowtie instead of a red one.
  • In the scene where Mr. Ratburn corrects his students' spelling tests, Fern is standing next to Francine; although in the book, Fern was behind the rabbit girl.
  • In the book, there is no paper airplane on each page, but in the game, it appears when a player clicks on the background of a page.
  • Fern is mistakenly depicted as a representative of Mrs. Fink's class on one page, although she reappears with the rest of Mr. Ratburn's class on the next.