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Arthur's Thinking Games is a 1999 Game released by The Learning Company and Microsoft.

Mr. Ratburn is hosting a quiz show. Kids help by choosing the correct answer displayed by Buster, Francine, or Muffy. Players learn cool facts and word recognition on their way to the Super Duper Smarty Pants Level.

Buster is playing hide-n-seek with Pal. It is your job to find the pup. Pal could be anywhere in stadium with lots of columns and rows. Buster will give you clues to help. Kids develop critical thinking, logic and estimation skills.

Muffy has found a mummy trapped in an ancient pyramid. Kids move the mummy with the mouse or arrow keys up and down levels and around obstacles. First the mummy must find the key and then find the way out. This is a great game to strengthen logical thinking.

D.W. is at a castle where a very naughty dragon is breathing fire. D.W. has a catapult and needs help to drench the dragon with water balloons. Kids can move the catapult back and forth and pull down the arm to change the trajectory of the balloons. It is fun to soak the dragon, plus kids improve estimation and critical thinking.

Kids can also go to the Dance Theater where they can paint backdrop with all kinds of colors and patterns. Kids can also program Arthur to dance by putting dance moves into a sequence. Arthur will dance in front of the backdrop created. The names of the backdrops are A Tropical Vista, An Eygptian Scene, A Wild West, A Medieval Castle, and The Great Outdoors.

Playing and learning with Arthur and his friends is always fun. Kids will have loads of laughs while they are playing for hours and developing brain power.