This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the book, the episode, or the VHS.
Arthur's Tooth
Arthur's Tooth DVD.jpg
Format DVD
Region 1
Language English
Production company Sony Wonder
Release date February 1, 2005
Episode segments 3
VHS counterpart Arthur's Tooth

Arthur's Tooth is a DVD featuring 3 episodes of Arthur. It has a running time of approximately 45 minutes.



  1. FBI Warning
  2. Sony Wonder logo
  3. Random House Home Video logo
  4. DVD Menu
  5. Arthur theme song
  6. Start of episode Arthur's Tooth


  1. Last few seconds of episode The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies
  2. Arthur Website promo
  3. Arthur end credits (Season 6)
  4. Arthur funding
  5. Chuck E Cheese commercial
  6. Arthur funding (Season 6 with checkered green background)
  7. PBS Kids logo (Fishbowl)
  8. Kideo commercial
  9. Sony Wonder online bumper
  10. DVD Menu
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