Arthur's Top 20
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Game Information
Game type Mini-games
Release Date October 2016[1]
Platform Online
Website link Play now!

Arthur's Top 20 is a game on the PBS Kids website.


The game is a collection of 20 mini-games, featuring characters and objects throughout the series. Games can be played in any order, and each one has three difficulty settings. Once each mini-game is cleared, the player will be congratulated by Arthur.

Our Bikes

The player must click to switch the gates between opened and closed to move the tires to the bikes at the end.


The player must move their mouse to specific spots to sew up Stanley.

Scare-Your-Pants-Off Books

Fern runs across a bookshelf while pushing a cart. The player must click when Fern moves over an empty spot to place a book there.


The player must click to make Waldo switch from the ceiling and the floor to avoid Pretty Penny.

Bionic Bunny Walkie-Talkies

The player must match the pairs of walkie-taklies.


The player must move Uni along the conveyor belts and get it to D.W.


Woogles will fall on trampolines, and the player must move Lydia to make her collect them.

Moon Boots

The player must click to rotate the characters and get the Moon Boots to go on their feet.

D.W.'s Snowball

The player must click on the sun icons to prevent the snowball from melting.


The player must click on each food to cycle between foods, and make all the foods the same.

The Dark Bunny Mobile

The player must click to make the Dark Bunny Mobile go left or right to avoid danger.

Train Puzzles

The player must click on the puzzle pieces to rotate them and make complete the puzzle.

Henry Skreever Books

The player will control Prunella with their mouse and make her collect a stack of Henry Skreever books.

The Green Potato Chip

The player must click on the green chips to stop D.W. from eating them.

The Lucky Pencil

The player must hold down and release the left mouse button to avoid the pencil from going into the sharpeners.

My Glasses

The player must clean Arthur's glasses by moving their mouse over the lenses.


The player must click to have Buster beam up the sandwiches.


The player must click on Wally's bow-ties to make them all match.


The player must match the symbols to tie Sharky to the car.

Thelma the Singing Bass

When the player holds down the mouse button, Thelma will go up. Releasing it will make her go down. The player must make Thelma collect all the music notes.






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