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"Arthur's Toy Trouble"
Season/Series: 19 (US/AUS)
Number in season: 3a[1]
Original Airdate: United States January 20, 2016[2]
United Kingdom June 9, 2015[3]
Australia May 1, 2015[4]
Written by: Ken Scarborough
Storyboard by: Allan Jeffery
"Wish You Were Here"
"Spar for the Course"
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"Arthur's Toy Trouble" is the first half of the third episode in the nineteenth season of Arthur.


Arthur accidentally gives away his chance at two million dollars![5]


Arthur is walking on the Earth when he spots a present in the front yard of his house. It has a tag that instructs, "Do not open 'til midnight." Arthur checks his watch, and it reads 11:55. He hovers into his bedroom with the present, and sleeps until midnight. Lightning flashes, and the present shakes. A tiny D.W. jumps out. Arthur runs downstairs, but D.W. copies are flooding the house. When he opens the door, D.W. shouts, "I can do anything I want now! I'm rich! And it's all thanks to you!" Arthur asks, "How could I let this happen?"

Arthur's Toy Trouble

Grandma Thora gifts Arthur a Mutant Muck Monster. Arthur is happy about this, until he notices that the toy has the head of a normal man instead of a swamp monster. Thora tells Arthur that she wondered about that, but there was another toy just like it.

Arthur tries to scare D.W. with the Mutant Muck Monster, although she is not bothered by it. Arthur says that the toy would not scare anyone because of its "teacher head." Since Arthur does not know what to do with the toy, he gives it to D.W., who intends to feed it to Sharky.

At school, Buster tells Arthur that his cousin got a defective toy once, and it turned out to be a rare item. Buster suggests that Arthur's toy is valuable, and Muffy jumps in, asking what is valuable. She is disappointed when it turns out to be just a toy, instead of jewels or cars.

Arthur, Buster, and Muffy go to Meteor Comix, where Freddy K. teaches them about rare items. He shows them a 1940s baseball card, and a 75k dollar toy car. Muffy asks about the Mutant Muck Monster, and Freddy K. responds that if it is still in the box, and it is a genuine factory defect, it may be worth something. He tells the kids that the first Superman comic sold for two million dollars. Muffy runs off to check her toy collection for defects. Arthur remembers that the toy has to be in the box, and he gave it to D.W., so he worries that D.W. has already opened the toy.

At Arthur's House, D.W. is feeding a toy to Sharky. It turns out to be one of her troll dolls, and not the Mutant Muck Monster, which she has not touched. D.W. asks why Arthur asked about it, and he responds that he wanted to show Buster how bad the toy was. Arthur asks if he can get the toy back, and D.W. replies that she will sell it for five dollars. Arthur runs to his room to get the money, but while he is gone, Buster accidentally tells D.W. about the toy may be worth two million dollars. D.W. refuses to sell it.

At The Sugar Bowl, Arthur tells Buster and Muffy how he heard D.W. asking their mom how many ponies she could buy for two million dollars. Buster wishes that there was another defective toy, and Arthur remembers that there is. He calls Grandma Thora, who recalls that she bought the toy from the bargain bin at David's Toys, located on Oak Street.

Muffy's butler Bailey has already started driving her to David's Toys. Arthur and Buster ride their bikes through a playground, a stream, Bowl City, and other various locations. Muffy ends up getting to David's Toys first, and she asks an employee for the Mutant Muck Monster. Buster distracts Muffy, and Arthur grabs the toy. Arthur and Muffy fight over the toy, and the employee decides that whoever touched the toy first is the owner. That turns out to be Arthur. However, Arthur is unable to afford the toy, and Muffy argues that she should be able to buy and own the toy, since she has her credit card. Buster pulls out some money that he originally intended to spend on a wheel of cheese, and Arthur and Buster share the toy. Arthur says that he will give half of whatever it is worth to Buster. However, D.W. still has a defect toy, and by extension, two million dollars.

Arthur and Buster consult Freddy K. for the value of the toy, He says that it is worth five dollars, but only after ten years. Arthur and Buster leave the store, and agree that the toy is cool because it looks so weird. The episode ends with Muffy trying to purchase the defective Mutant Muck Monster from D.W.







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  • When Arthur and Buster go into Meteor Comix for the first time, the toy can be seen on the desk, but Arthur had left it at home with D.W.
  • While Arthur and Buster ride their bikes through Bowl City, Catherine is seen, but moments later, they ride past her again, this time waiting at a bus stop.
  • Mrs. Wood is colored brown instead of white.


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