Arthur's Tricks and Treats
Arthur's Tricks and Treats
Game Information
Game type Image recognizing
Release Date October 20, 2017[1]
Platform Online
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Arthur's Tricks and Treats is a game on the Arthur page of the PBS Kids website. It was made to promote the upcoming Halloween special, Arthur and the Haunted Tree House.


Trick-or-treaters will come up, and the player must give them the candy they want. They will request two to four pieces at a time. The player must click the image of the candy the person requests, and drag it to them. Once they are satisfied, a new trick-or-treater will come. The candy bowls must be refilled after five candies have been given out. Occasionally, spiders will drop down, and the player must click on them to avoid scaring away the trick-or-treater. The player has three lives, and if they either let the trick-or-treater get scared, or take too long to give away candy, they will lose a life.


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