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Arthur's Underwear (book)
Arthur's Underwear Book
Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date September 1, 1999
Published by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 0316106194
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur Lost and Found (1998)
Followed by
Arthur's Teacher Moves In (2000)

Arthur's Underwear is the 25th book in the Arthur Adventure series. It was written and illustrated by Marc Brown and published by Little, Brown and Company on September 1, 1999. It is based upon the episode with the same name.


  • In the United Kingdom, this book was re-titled as Arthur's Pants, since the word "pants" in British refers to underpants, and the word "trousers" is used for pants worn over underpants. The book cover removed pictures of Arthur's friends and his sister laughing at him, and added spotlights.

Differences from the TV episode[]

  • After Binky rips his pants in the classroom, Arthur imagines him playing baseball in boxers; even though Arthur didn't imagine it in the episode, and it didn't reveal if Binky was wearing boxers or briefs, but it only partially showed his purple underwear with green dots from the bottom.
  • In Arthur's nightmare about being dressed up as Bionic Bunny and saving his friends being held captive by Mr. Ratburn as Verminator and then gets laughed at when he arrives, Arthur had white briefs on; but in the episode, he had white boxers on with red dots with the Bionic Bunny "B" on them.
  • Also in the dream, Mr. Ratburn as the evil Verminator was dressed in purple; but in the episode, he was dressed in green.
  • In the TV episode, when Arthur decides to take Buster's suggestion and go to bed wearing his pants so that he won't forget them in the morning, Arthur very clearly decides to wear his jeans over his pajama pants. However, in the book, Arthur does not wear pajama pants underneath the jeans, as the readers can see the top of his tighty-whities underneath his unbuttoned pants.
  • In the episode, Arthur has four underwear nightmares. In the book, this is reduced to three. The last nightmare from the episode, in which Buster hypnotizes Arthur into falling asleep in the laundromat and Arthur dreams that his pants jump and turn monstrous, is eliminated from the book.
  • When Buster has an underwear nightmare in the end, he was wearing orange Saturn boxers in the episode, but he is wearing white briefs in this book until he wakes up.
  • D.W. brought Arthur his pants instead of Jane, and informed him about needing pants.
  • The laundromat scene is omitted in the book.
  • When Mr. Ratburn confronts Arthur in his dream about forgetting his pants, he is right near the door as Arthur runs in instead standing in front of the chalkboard.


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