Cold Opening

The episode starts with Arthur in his bedroom in bed looking a little bit frighted.

Arthur sits up in his bed.

Arthur: Have you ever have something really embarrassing happen to you?

The camera goes to Arthur, to school were school play about food were Muffy's in a spaghetti costume, Francine's in a chicken costume, Buster's in broccoli costume, and Arthur's in a banana costume.

Arthur: Once, I was in a school play and I forgot my lines

The camera goes to Buster.

Buster: And don't forget me

Arthur: Then there was a time I told everyone I could play the Rachmaninov prelude in C sharp minor blindfolded… and Miss Krasny asked me to do it.    Arthur sits in music class.      What, no blindfold? Sorry, can't do it.


Arthur Read: (looks at his digital clock) Oh, no! I'm gonna be late for school!

(at school)

Arthur: I'm sorry I'm late, Mr. Ratburn! I guess my mom just forgot to wake me up and—

(the other students laugh)

Nigel Ratburn: Mr. Read, being late is one thing, but not wearing any trousers - that is quite another.

(Arthur wakes up screaming. It was just a nightmare!)

Arthur Read: What a horrible dream!


In the laundry. Buster has hypnotized Arthur. He then seemingly wakes Arthur up.

Buster: Arthur, wake up, you were asleep. Did you have the dream?

Arthur: No, I don’t think so.

Buster: Hh. Then it worked, just like on TV.    He snaps his fingers.

Arthur: Wow, you cured me, Buster! I'm cured. Whoopee!  His pants slip of.    Hey, how did I do that?    His pants get up and grow teeth.

Buster: Maybe your mom’s been using too much starch.    Arthur’s pants chase Arthur.    

Arthur: Hh!   Help!

Buster: Yep! Those pants sure need a lot of fabric softener.     

Arthur is in fact still asleep in the laundry.

Arthur: Get them away! They're trying to eat me!

Buster: Arthur, snap out of it. You are now… snaps   ...awake.

Arthur: Great. Now I’m not afraid of losing my pants. I’m afraid of being eaten by them. Promise you’ll never tell anyone about this.

Buster: Your secret is safe with me, Arthur. Cross my heart and hope to die.


In the school cafeteria everybody seems to know about Arthur’s dream.

Arthur: Buster! Buster! Wake me up, I'm having a nightmare!

Buster: You don’t look like you’re asleep. Why do you think that?

Arthur: Because everyone seems to know about my underwear dream.

Buster: Not everyone. I just told a few kids.

Buster: Ohhh! Here we go again.

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