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Arthur: Build A Character
Game Information
Game type Art and Creativity
Main character(s) None
Platform Online

Character Builder or Arthur: Build A Character is a game on the PBS Kids website. The game allows the player to design their own character in the style of either Arthur or WordGirl.


The player is presented with the choice of: an Arthur boy or girl, or a WordGirl boy or girl (which will be selected during the character designing). The main screen shows the character, and a column of buttons to the left presents designing options. There are seven buttons: hair, head shape, eyes, nose, mouth, clothes, and shoes. Clicking on a button makes arrows appear on the left and right of the button, allowing the player to scroll through the options. The clothes and shoes options also opens a color options column. On the right of the character screen is a 'shuffle' lever that changes the character to a random combination. If the player is logged in to an account, they may save their character and even create a cartoon with them.

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