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Arthur Delivers!
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Game Information
Game type Online game
Main character(s) Arthur, Buster, Francine
Release Date October 20, 2015[1]
Platform Online

Arthur Delivers! was an online game on the PBS Kids website. It has been removed from the website as of November 2020.

Game play

Game Arthur Delivers.jpg

Arthur rides his bike around Elwood City. The player clicks on gates to change Arthur's path when he reaches an intersection. He must pick up an item, then deliver it to the house with the person who wants that item. Arthur's stamina gradually decreases, but can be replenished by passing the water spot. If his stamina falls below 25%, his speed greatly decreases. At the end of the level, Francine joins and the player has to manage 2 bikes at once. Buster joins for level 3.

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