Arthur Jumps into Fall
Arthur Jumps into Fall
Author Marc Brown
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur Helps Out
Followed by
Arthur Tells a Story

Arthur Jumps into Fall is an 8x8 book. It was written by Marc Brown.


As Arthur and D.W. are finishing breakfast, their father tells Arthur to rake the yard while D.W. helps with other chores. Arthur tells a leafless tree "this is all your fault," and starts raking. He rakes a small pile of leaves, and Pal helps by getting a leaf in his mouth and adding it to the pile. Arthur gets tired of raking and takes a break, he and Pal jumping in the leaves and scattering them again.

Buster, Francine, and Brain arrive and help Arthur rake the leaves, showing him correct techniques. Arthur thanks them, and they all start playing in the leaf pile.


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